Why Choose Faux Roses? Exploring the Benefits of Artificial Blooms

Faux rose arrangement in glass cylinder on side table

Of all the flowers in the garden, the rose is perhaps the most revered. And for good reason. These stunning blooms are instantly recognizable for their ravishing petals and lovely scent.

Not only are roses a beautiful sight to behold, but they are also versatile. They are a garden staple that can also be used to create a romantic bouquet or a luxurious floral arrangement.

But like all fresh flowers, the beauty of a rose arrangement fades with time. Choosing faux roses is the best way to enjoy these radiant flowers year-round. Read on to learn more about the benefits of artificial roses in addition to some of our favorite high-end faux rose arrangements

Benefits of Artificial Rose Flowers

Roses have always symbolized intense feelings of passion and romance. With a faux rose display, you can bring this spark into any room in your home. Here are some more benefits of artificial flowers to consider.

Enjoy Everlasting Blooms

Most cut roses only last a week. Beyond that their petals begin to lose their luster and fall as the blooms wilt. With faux roses, you can enjoy an elegant flower arrangement perfectly captured in its prime for years to come.

These everlasting blooms add a touch of romance and love to your living space. Whether you enjoy the same faux flower bouquet year-round or change your arrangements with the season, their beauty will never fade.

Versatile Arrangements for Every Style

The possibilities for where you place your faux roses are truly endless. While you may need to keep a close eye on a fresh bouquet and place it in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight, faux roses don’t come with these constraints.

While it is recommended to keep your artificial roses out of direct sunlight, the options for where you place your arrangement are limitless. A refined display of luxurious faux roses can instantly transform your entryway, dining room, or any other space into an elegant oasis.

With many colors, sizes, and vases to choose from, it is easy to find artificial rose flower arrangements that complement your decor and style. 

Relax with Minimal Maintenance

A fresh rose floral arrangement requires daily maintenance to keep blooms looking their best. Good Housekeeping recommends cutting the stems and changing the water regularly. Fresh roses can also be temperamental about water temperature and prefer warm water over cold. Without following these tips, an arrangement may only be in its prime for a few days.

Artificial roses that look real require minimal maintenance. Simply clean your faux roses at least once a month with a hair dryer, feather duster, or microfiber cloth.

Our Favorite Faux Rose Arrangements

White artificial roses in cut glass vase on table

Of course, not all faux roses are created equal. To experience the best lifelong blooms, it’s important to invest in high-quality, timeless displays that complement your decor. Here are a handful of our favorite artificial roses that look real.

For Your Vanity

These faux roses add elegance to even the smallest of spaces. Soft delicate and quite lovely, faux white roses seem to capture the magic and promise of elegance. The immaculate crystal glass adds a classic touch to the perfectly designed rose bouquet. 

For a more vibrant display with a modern feel, consider these beautiful roses nestled in a square glass vase.

For Your Centerpiece

We also offer larger faux rose arrangements that are designed to make a bigger impact. The English Cecilia Rose Spray is an elegant, eye-catching display that makes the perfect centerpiece in a dining room. The faux roses are pleasantly arranged in a Roma-inspired footed-cut glass vase.

For a Mixed Bouquet

Hand-crafted faux roses are stunning on their own but also complement a variety of other artificial blooms. Our Rose and Ranunculus in Cut Glass are a combination realistic enough to fool the eyes The faux roses and ranunculus flow effortlessly from a beautifully designed cut glass vase.

For a One-of-a-Kind Display

If an artfully designed faux rose display isn’t to your liking, there is also the option to craft your own luxury bouquet with our selection of real-touch single stems. Handcrafted with unique soft-touch fabrics and hand-painted for extra detail, these single-stem faux floral packs look and feel real. Assemble your selection of faux roses into your very own arrangements.

Admire the allure of faux roses in your home with help from Winward Home. Browse our selection of high-end artificial rose flower arrangements today. 

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