About Winward Home

Welcome to Winward Home, an extraordinary collection of the finest permanent botanical designs specifically created for the luxurious home. Our collection features design driven stories that complement today’s trends in color, texture and style. Whether they are our table top arrangements or our iconic arrangements exemplifying the spirit of the design, every piece tells a story for every setting.

At Winward Home, our priority is to create beauty with the realism in each stem, translated into the elegance of every arrangement. Crafted and assembled in the USA, our team of artisans builds each floral arrangement with only the top quality components. For example, our floral components are artistically hand-crafted using hand curling and hand painting techniques to achieve the highest level of sophistication and beauty.

Take a look at how these components are made with our Making Beauty Permanent video.

Getting The Right Look With Matt Wood:



Matt Wood

Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Matt Wood has long been inspired by the lush natural scenery and rich, graceful heritage of America’s Southern states. He is particularly moved by the seasons, which mark not only the glorious changes in the physical world but also moments of our lives. His personal mission has long been to bring the field of permanent botanicals into a new light. He wants people to see them as another way to express a love of the flora and fauna that surround us.

Matt, a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, is an exceptional designer with an incredible sense of color and texture. He breathes life into the permanent botanicals he spends so much of his time creating in factories around the world. When designing, he gently turns the flower’s head to face the light source and flexes the leaves as if they have just received a long, cool drink of fresh water. All these special touches result in floral designs that may fool even the most avid of gardeners.   

Terry Backer

As a member of the Winward Home visual design team, Terry Backer brings 22 years of experience in silk and fresh flowers, both retail and wholesale. Terry, a native San Diegan for almost 20 years, developed a relaxed, naturalistic approach to her arrangements. "I let nature be my teacher" is her motto. Her unique floral style garnered her the prestigious FAME design AWARD in Las Vegas in 1993. Her experience in custom floral assembly includes weddings, residential and model homes, hotels, commercial offices and restaurants. She’s also worked with interior designers to match interiors and fabrics to custom floral displays. 

With Winward Home, she has worked on showroom concept, design and set-up; product development; and nationwide trade shows. Terry's numerous talents have brought her to Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and throughout the U.S., giving everything from workshops to formal presentations. In the last few years, Terry has spent most of her time developing holiday floral products in China. Her latest product design can be seen in Winward's holiday floral collections.