Product Care Info

Welcome to the world of Winward Home. We want to make sure your flowers stay beautiful for years to come. Here are some tips we would like to share with you. Cleaning your deluxe faux flower arrangement is very easy, and will keep it looking as beautiful as the first day you received it. Simply follow these few steps to ensure the lasting beauty of your flowers.



  1. Dust your arrangement one a month with a blow drying or a feather duster.
  2. Do not use water or sprays to clean the flowers as it could damage or change the color of the flowers and leaves. To clean the vase, place window cleaner on the towel first and then wipe the glass or ceramic vase.
  3. It is best to keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible color fade on the petals.
  4. Your flowers are at its best when used indoors. If you would like to bring them outside, we recommend you keep them under a covered area to avoid any outdoor elements.



With the changing seasons, we think it is great to change the look of your home with our premium faux flower arrangements. To safely store your arrangement for later use, we recommend you use the original box your flowers arrived in and cover the flowers with a cloth or pillow case, then insert the arrangement back into the foam at the base of the box. Cover the lid and store it in a dark and dry place.



We would love to see your flowers in your home or office. Please post and share your photos with us on Instagram at @winward_home. We look forward to seeing you.