Faux Flower Care 101: How to Clean Faux Flowers Like a Pro

Close-up of a clean faux magnolia arrangement

One of the reasons we love luxury faux flower arrangements is that they never wilt or fade. You can enjoy the timeless beauty of your faux florals for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

To help your flowers stay pristine for the coming years, we’ve compiled some of the best tips for how to care for them. Cleaning artificial flowers is very easy, so you can keep your deluxe arrangement looking as stunning as the first day you received it.

Simply read on to learn about the best way to clean artificial flowers so you can enjoy their everlasting beauty. 

How to Clean Artificial Flowers in a Vase

A quick online search will show you plenty of tips for how to clean artificial plants and flowers. However, the faux flower cleaning method you choose depends on the type of artificial flowers you have.

We recommend cleaning our deluxe faux flowers with a hair dryer, feather duster, or microfiber cloth. This is the best way to remove any dust or grime that builds up on the flower petals.

During this cleaning process, you should also take care to clean the vase as well. It’s imperative that you place the window cleaner on a clean towel first and then wipe the glass or ceramic vase. If you use a spray bottle to apply cleaner to the vase there is the risk of it damaging the delicate flower petals and altering their appearance. 

And while it can be convenient to use a paper towel, this isn’t advised. According to HouseDigest, paper towels often leave behind streaks of lint. A microfiber cloth is the best alternative. 

Types of Artificial Flowers

Not all faux florals are created equal. Knowing how to clean artificial flowers begins with understanding what your faux arrangement is made of.

At Winward Home, we offer a variety of handcrafted arrangements and real-touch flower stems, which affects how they should be cleaned.

The Real Touch collection offers individual, handcrafted flower stems with unique soft-touch fabrics and hand-painted for extra detail, these single-stem faux floral packs look natural and feel real. They should always be cleaned with extra care and kept dry.

How Often Should You Clean Your Faux Flowers?

White rose stem laid on on table to be cleaned

We recommend that you dust your arrangement at least once a month. However, you can also clean your artificial flowers as part of your weekly or biweekly cleaning routine. 

Dos and Don’ts 

While cleaning artificial flowers is straightforward, there are some more cleaning tips that can help keep your high-end arrangement looking its best.

Here are some important dos and don’ts of cleaning faux flowers.

  • Do keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible color fade on the petals.
  • Don’t use water, white vinegar, or sprays to clean the flowers as it could damage or change the color of the flowers and leaves. 
  • Do store artificial flowers correctly in a safe space (which we will go into more detail on).
  • Don’t bring your deluxe floral arrangement outdoors. If you do, we recommend you keep them under a covered area to avoid any outdoor elements. Or, browse our Outdoor Patio Collection

With these tips in mind, your hand-crafted faux flower display will not only be clean but also retain its vibrant colors and charm. 

How to Store Your Faux Flower Arrangement 

Of course, with the changing seasons you may want to elevate the look of your home with different premium faux flower arrangements. While a chic arrangement of white hydrangeas is ideal for summer, winter may call for a more colorful floral display that serves as a centerpiece for your holiday gatherings.

To safely store your arrangement for later use, we recommend you use the original box your flowers arrived in and cover the flowers with a cloth or pillow case, then insert the arrangement back into the foam at the base of the box. Cover the lid and store it in a dark and dry place. 

When it comes time to take your lovely floral arrangement back out, it will be in perfect condition.

Learn more about how to care for and clean your artificial flowers from the experts at Winward Home.

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