Luxury, Faux Rose


      If flowers finish a room, then it’s fair to say that roses transform one. A faux rose arrangement is a clear choice for the discerning decorator who wants the fullest impression - without the inconveniences of the real thing.

      Our faux roses come in gorgeous “statement piece” arrangements in timeless crystal and glass vases - perfect as the centerpiece of a dining table or an elegant accompaniment for your living room.

      Winward Home’s artificial roses are hand-pressed and hand-painted using artisanal techniques to give the highest level of real-life resemblance possible. 

      There is an arrangement for every fancy, from delicate topiaries to “icons” where artificial white roses are joined by hydrangeas, peonies, and ranunculus. Every season has its perfect match, and timeless contemporary design is given priority. 

      Faux floral arrangements are the new standard of luxury decor. Artificial roses make it possible for you to have the beauty of nature with minimal upkeep.

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