8 Tips for Styling Faux Rose Arrangements in Different Room Settings

Compact white faux rose arrangement in glass vase on coffee table

The captivating allure of roses adds a romantic, elegant touch to any space. With a faux rose flower arrangement, you can enjoy the effortless luxury of these blooms without ever having to watch them wilt.

Faux rose arrangements are the epitome of refined indulgence. They can instantly transform your entryway, dining room, or any other space into an elegant oasis. Join us as we provide innovative design ideas and unexpected pairings to elevate your high-end artificial rose arrangement.

How to Style Luxury Artificial Rose Arrangements

There’s no one way to style faux rose arrangements, and that’s why we love them. Whether you want your faux flowers to stand out or complement your existing decor as a quiet accent piece, there are savvy ways you can style it.

Here are some expert tips for how to style your artificial flowers and roses for any space in your home.

1. Keep Your Color Scheme in Mind

First and foremost, you want to consider the color scheme of your room. This will help you choose a timeless faux rose arrangement that harmonizes with your existing decor. For instance, while yellow roses can make a cheery addition to an entryway or bedroom, they may not be fitting year-round.

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with more subdued red-pink roses. English roses are a romantic touch that brings joy and happiness into any interior setting. White roses are perhaps the most classic in addition to being versatile. They are the epitome of timeless elegance and ethereal beauty that complement any color scheme.

2. Don’t Overlook the Vase

The vase of your floral arrangement is just as important as the quality of your faux roses. Simple and sleek vases are best for a modern or minimalist setting. Ornate or Roma-inspired footed-cut glass vases work well in more traditional spaces.

As we will discuss next, the size of the vase is also essential to how you style your hand-crafted rose flower arrangement. 

3. Play With Scale

Now, it’s time to experiment with different sizes of faux rose arrangements to create visual interest in your space. There are many types of flower vases and arrangements to choose from, from traditional cylinders or cube vases to more unconventional vases.

In a larger room, such as the living room, you may consider using a taller vase and a more voluminous arrangement. Smaller rooms can benefit from more compact artificial rose arrangements such as our Rose Bud in Square Glass display. 

4. Pay Attention to Placement

Large colorful faux rose arrangement in ornamental vase on entryway table

Placement and style go hand in hand. Consider strategic locations for your elegant artificial rose arrangement. If it is intended to be a focal point on a mantel or entryway, a larger arrangement of long stem sprays is ideal. If you want to add a display to your dining table something more compact is best so it doesn’t obstruct conversation. 

In other words, where you choose to place your artificial flower arrangement can dictate the best style for the space.

5. Experiment with Styles

On the topic of style, luxury rose flower arrangements come in many arrays that can suit different room settings. For a formal setting, such as a dining room, a classic, tightly arranged bouquet in a classic glass vase is best. In a more casual kitchen, a compact arrangement is still ideal to not clutter the space, but you can opt for a unique and themed vase, such as a coffee pot that’s perfectly suited to the space.

In a more relaxed or casual atmosphere, such as the living room, loose, garden-inspired arrangements like Rose and Ranunculus can enhance the space.

6. Create Balance

You always want to keep proportions in mind when styling your faux rose arrangements. Ensure the size and shape of your arrangement are proportionate to the surrounding elements. Consider the height and scale of nearby furniture, decor, and even architectural features to make your display blend in without overpowering or disappearing in a room.

7. Utilize Lighting

It is best to keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible color fade on the petals, but you can still utilize lighting to let your faux rose arrangement shine. Indirect lighting and accent lighting can help highlight the beauty of your high-end artificial rose arrangement.

8. Maintenance is Key

Finally, maintenance is key to keeping the style of your rose flower arrangement looking flawless for years to come. Simply follow these few easy steps to ensure the lasting beauty of your flowers.

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