10 Tips for Arranging Faux Florals


Bring your interior spaces to life with luxury faux floral arrangements that complement any design or style. Whether you are going for a contemporary, modern, industrial, or traditional feel, there is a faux floral arrangement that will make the perfect addition to your home.

With colorful and vibrant faux botanicals, you can add a sense of freshness and rare aesthetic to your living spaces with the comfort of knowing they will never wither away.

Just about anyone can arrange their own floral display, but with these expert tips for arranging your artificial flower arrangements, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

1. Choose Realistic Colors

When arranging your faux botanicals, choose flowers that come in similar colors as they come in nature. Artificial flower arrangements that are overly saturated or extremely neon can appear fake to your guests. Aim for artificial flowers that look natural for the perfect faux floral arrangement.

2. Fluff or Bend Your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Most real flowers don’t grow straight up, so always remember to fluff your faux botanicals and mold the faux stems for a realistic look. Your luxury faux floral arrangement should fall to the side of the vase just like normal flowers would.

3. Invest in High-Quality Faux Flower Arrangements

There are major differences in quality in the faux botanical market. Investing in a high-quality, luxury faux floral arrangement will last you a lifetime while a poorly made artificial flower arrangement may only last a few months. Excellent composition and superb craftsmanship ensure a durable, realistic, and ever-lasting faux botanical.

4. Choose an Appropriate Vase

An adequate floral design always starts with the right vase. A glass vase will make your faux floral arrangement appear elegant and timeless. Choose a wider vase for faux florals with shorter stems and a skinnier, taller vase for faux florals with longer stems.

5. Incorporate a Range of Colors

Just like in nature, realistic and luxury faux floral arrangements should have a range of colors in them. Think of roses or lilies – they are multicolored and have variance. Your faux flower arrangements should have a variety of colors to look as if they appeared from your garden.

6. Arrange Your Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements with Branches with Different Size Blooms

When you look at flowers in nature, not every bloom is the exact same. So your large silk flower arrangements should have branches buds, partial bloom, and full bloom. This creates a more realistic illusion by portraying different parts of the blooming cycle.

7. Keep the Arrangement Simple

Simple styling is usually the best way to go to make your luxury faux floral arrangements appear authentic. Complex designs can give off an artificial feel very easily. So, a delicate and simple arrangement of hydrangeas or peonies will look amazing in any room.

8. Move the Artificial Flower Arrangement Around the House

If your luxury faux floral arrangement is set in the same place for a long period of time, people will expect it to be plastic or silk. Especially if you entertain a lot, it is important to move your faux flower arrangements around your house so they continue looking fresh and new.

9. Incorporate Greenery

We suggest using different kinds of greenery in your luxury faux floral arrangements to give off an organic look. For a realistic and beautiful faux floral arrangement, your artificial flowers should consist of light green and dark green leaves and stems.

10. Shop Pre-made Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements

High-quality pre-made bouquets are a great way to ensure your faux stems and florals work together. If you are unsure how to create your own arrangement, you can save time and energy by purchasing a remarkable faux flower arrangement that will brighten up your living spaces.

Winward Home Faux Botanicals

With these fabulous decorating tips, your artificial flower arrangements will amaze anyone who walks through your home.

No matter if you’re adding one faux floral arrangement to your living space or one in every room, our advice will help you create a stunning staple piece that you will love.

From orchids and hydrangeas to roses and tulips, Winward Home has an array of luxury faux floral arrangements that will make your space feel more beautiful and complete.

Elevate your home today by shopping our luxury faux florals!

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