Luxury Faux Orchid Arrangements


      Outfit your home or office with delicate, elegant beauty. Discover Winward Home’s luxury orchid arrangements for premium construction and beauty that will never fade.

      Our high-quality and exclusive collection of artificial orchids is peerless. They are a perfect way to introduce style and color to your home year-round. With a faux orchid arrangement, nearly any space can be transformed into a thing of beauty.

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      Orchid Phalaenopsis in Bowl 30"
      $ 1,300.00
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      luxury faux orchid cymbidium potted
      Cymbidium Orchid in Oval Pot 27"
      $ 400.00
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      large deluxe luxury faux orchid arrangement for grand foyers and entryways
      Orchids in Bowl with Taper Bottom 38"
      $ 3,000.00
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      large handcrafted luxury faux flower arrangement for foyer of large homes and mansions
      Vanda Orchid Plant in Bowl 48"
      $ 1,850.00
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      Beautiful handcrafted faux orchids in tall glass vase
      Orchid in Slim Vase 21"
      $ 460.00
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      stunning hand-painted faux orchid arrangement in a neutral bowl planter
      Orchids in Bowl 34"
      $ 1,300.00
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      realistic high-quality faux orchids in porcelain planter
      Orchid in Blossom Planter 22"
      $ 480.00
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      most beautiful faux orchids in a blue and white porcelain planter
      Orchid in Longlife Bowl 19"
      $ 650.00
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      contemporary faux orchids arrangement in a classic blue and white porcelain bowl
      Orchid in Longlife Bowl 21"
      $ 520.00
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      small faux ranunculus and orchids mix arrangement in glass vase
      Ranunculus Orchid Bouquet in Vase 8"
      $ 250.00
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      Split Philo Orchid in Vase
      $ 850.00
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      Beautiful faux vanda orchids in dark coated terracotta vase.
      Vanda Orchid Plant Centerpiece 21"
      $ 1,000.00
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      Phalaenopsis in Glass 32"
      $ 660.00
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      Yellow dancing oncidium faux orchids in a blue and white container
      Oncidium Orchid in Blue & White Pot 31-inches tall
      $ 450.00
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      $ 580.00
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      $ 600.00
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      realistic white faux phalaenopsis orchid arrangement in glass with moss
      Phalaenopsis in Open Cylinder Vase 19"
      $ 550.00
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      Tall white faux orchids in decorative ceramic bowl
      $ 1,500.00
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      contemporary realistic high-quality faux orchid arrangement
      Orchid Phalaenopsis in Glass 13"
      $ 420.00
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      $ 520.00
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      $ 480.00

      Our luxury orchid arrangements are perfect for nearly any location. If you are looking for daily inspiration, consider having a faux orchid arrangement centerpiece on your living room table. Or if you desire a more casual atmosphere, design your space with artificial orchids in pots that you can place on your window sill. There are countless options available for using artificial orchids throughout your living space.

      These exotic specimens have a remarkably realistic look and feel. They can be used as major set pieces or simply as stylish accents. Place your faux orchid arrangement wherever you like. Thanks to their premium construction, only you will know these are not living luxury orchid arrangements.

      We specialize in hand-crafted faux orchid arrangements for every space. Our premium materials and meticulous construction process ensure luxury worthy of the Winward Home name. Each artificial flower bloom reflects the high level of artistry we put into our creations. Like all of our artificial florals, we strive to create the highest quality artificial orchids. You are sure to impress anyone who comes to visit.

      Thanks to their premium faux materials, your artificial orchid is guaranteed to be worry-free and low-maintenance. Simply place your silk orchid in a place that best suits it and revel in its beauty for years to come. Watering, sunlight, and pruning are a thing of the past. Our artificial orchids allow for beauty without all the work.

      Our faux orchid collection comes in a variety of styles to suit your space. Select white or fuchsia orchids for springtime vibes. Or decorate your home with our artificial white orchids for classic styling that suits every season.

      Whether you want something bright or stylish for your living space, Winward Home has what you need. And the design fun doesn’t stop at the faux orchid arrangements themselves. We also offer a variety of high-quality vases, pots, and bowls with which to complement your style. Decorate your faux orchid arrangement with accessories to match to truly wow your guests.

      Artificial orchids from Winward Home can add deluxe design touches to nearly any space. From office use to front home foyer to dining room table, we have faux orchid arrangements to match. Our faux orchids are designed to meet your unique and tasteful style and needs.

      Enjoy the exotic and elegant burst of color and design that our artificial orchid arrangements provide. As permanent botanicals, you can enjoy their beautiful blooms any time of the year. Shop our luxury orchid arrangements today to discover faux orchids you will love!

      The design expression doesn’t need to stop with your faux orchid arrangement. If you wish to drape your home in more artificial beauty, consider our collection of artificial greenery. We also offer wreaths and garlands for haute seasonal accents. We know your home will attain the beauty it deserves with artificial floral arrangements from our premium collection.

      What Our Customers Are Saying...


      Gorgeous arrangement! This arrangement is so beautiful and looks so real. If you did not know it was faux you would definitely think it was real. I am so glad I purchased it is worth the money.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Absolutely stunning! Beautiful. Looks so real!

      Massapequa, NY

      Highest quality artificial flowers I've ever seen. Exceeded expectations. Well done! I will be buying more soon.

      Atherton, CA

      So gorgeous I bought 4. When I opened the box, I was pleased that it was exactly like the picture on the website. This color completes my outdoor space. Makes it feel like a family room. Perfection. Wish there were more items in this color.

      Englewood, CO

      Overall very beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. Very vibrant and great quality.

      Doylestown, PA

      GORGEOUS!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! The flowers are life-life, elegant and classic. Exquisite!

      Towson, MD

      My botanist who cares for our plants when my husband and I are traveling almost watered your calla lilies!

      San Francisco, CA

      Realism inspired by nature

      One Hour One Flower

      Painting, curling, and assembling by hand by our skilled artisans to create the finest quality permanent botanicals.