Luxury Artificial Flower Arrangements


      Filling your home with fresh bouquets and greenery isn’t always feasible. And fresh floral centerpieces are only in their prime for a few days while greenery requires regular maintenance.

      That’s why we’ve curated sophisticated artificial floral arrangements to achieve a luxurious and lively look throughout your living space with a fraction of the work.

      From orchids and hydrangeas to roses, peonies, and tulips, you’re sure to find the perfect faux flower arrangements to complement your space. Use our high-quality faux flowers to elevate your living space and enjoy the luxury of having deluxe flower decor year-round.

      Browse through our handmade faux flower arrangements in vases, planters, and more based on color preference, price point, flower type, and size to find the perfect match for your style.

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      $ 720.00
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      Lemon Citrus Wreath 24"
      $ 400.00
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      $ 400.00
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      high-quality luxury faux eucalyptus wreath
      Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath 30"
      $ 480.00
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      luxury faux eucalyptus garland for decorating
      Seeded Eucalyptus Garland 5-ft long
      $ 150.00
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      $ 400.00
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      luxury faux peony wreath in cream color
      Peony Wreath 24"
      $ 400.00
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      single-sided luxury preserved boxwood wreath
      Preserved Boxwood Wreath 20" Single-side
      $ 240.00
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      $ 1,000.00
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      $ 2,800.00

      High-End Artificial Flowers for Every Space

      Whether you’re in search of a deluxe centerpiece or vibrant home decor, our everlasting faux floral arrangements can breathe life into your living spaces. Our variety of floral centerpieces and faux greenery is crafted and assembled in the USA by a team of experienced artisans utilizing top-quality components.

      Learn more about our selection of luxurious faux florals to find your perfect arrangement.

      Faux Flower Centerpieces

      Our Tabletop collection consists of multi-functional arrangements which can be used anywhere around the home. These medium to larger centerpiece floral arrangements are ideal for everyday and all-year-round display on your dining room table, entryway, or office.

      Small Faux Flower Arrangements

      Our Vanity collection consists of our handcrafted faux flower arrangements designed specifically for smaller areas of the home. These luxurious artificial floral arrangements are artfully sized to enhance smaller areas that need a little spark, such as the vanity or side table.

      Faux Greenery

      High-quality greenery is a must in any well-thought-out room or outdoor space. Our selection of artificial greenery fills your rooms with life and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

      Find eye-catching and luxury arrangements fit for the centerpiece of your table, a statement piece for an empty corner, or a compact addition to an end table.

      Shop our faux floral arrangements and greenery today!

      What Our Customers Are Saying...


      Gorgeous arrangement! This arrangement is so beautiful and looks so real. If you did not know it was faux you would definitely think it was real. I am so glad I purchased it is worth the money.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Absolutely stunning! Beautiful. Looks so real!

      Massapequa, NY

      Highest quality artificial flowers I've ever seen. Exceeded expectations. Well done! I will be buying more soon.

      Atherton, CA

      So gorgeous I bought 4. When I opened the box, I was pleased that it was exactly like the picture on the website. This color completes my outdoor space. Makes it feel like a family room. Perfection. Wish there were more items in this color.

      Englewood, CO

      Overall very beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. Very vibrant and great quality.

      Doylestown, PA

      GORGEOUS!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! The flowers are life-life, elegant and classic. Exquisite!

      Towson, MD

      My botanist who cares for our plants when my husband and I are traveling almost watered your calla lilies!

      San Francisco, CA
      Image of bright pink flowers

      Realism inspired by nature

      One Hour One Flower

      Painting, curling, and assembling by hand by our skilled artisans to create the finest quality permanent botanicals.