What Goes Into Making Each Component of Winward's Faux Floral Arrangements

Realistic faux floral arrangement in a white ceramic vase on a metal patio table outdoors

At Winward Home, our faux floral arrangements are coveted by homeowners and interior designers alike. But it’s not simply because of our broad selection of floral arrangements and greenery. We also put careful craftsmanship into every arrangement we offer.

The difference is that even the most discerning eye will struggle to see that these are faux flowers. Each bloom we arrange will be as beautiful ten years from now as it is today. The key is in the details of their construction. We covered this very topic in a recent blog post on how we make our realistic faux flowers.

But how do we assemble those gorgeous flowers into something special that befits your home? Read on and we’ll explore how our beloved blooms become arresting arrangements.

Only the Best

You already know that Winward Home offers highly realistic faux flowers. From our peonies to our hydrangeas, every one of our artificial flowers is hand-painted to fool the eye. They add a touch of natural variety to each petal. They are also made from high-end fabrics to encourage real touch.

But this attention to detail doesn’t stop at our flower petals. Many bargain bin arrangements will focus the attention on the faux flowers and call it a day. Our designers, on the other hand, rely on only the best materials for every element of our artificial flower arrangements.

This is as true for our flowers’ petals as it is for the supporting elements, such as the stems and leaves. If a faux floral arrangement is going to fool the eye, every element of the design needs to be expertly crafted.

Attention to detail can be found in everything from our delicate rose petals to the succulent subtlety of our supporting elements. Our faux flower arrangements are made from materials intended to be admired.

Arrangement As If They Were Real

Many professional flower arrangers know that the key to a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers is about balancing the focal points. We don’t simply stick a bunch of random flowers in a vase and box it to ship!

The same is true for our high-end faux floral arrangements. Our designers treat every flower as if it were real. They select each flower from a collection and then place it where it most makes sense in the bunch. Supporting flowers and greenery are added not as filler but as a means to draw focus to the focal flowers.

What you get as a result is a thoughtfully crafted, intentional grouping of faux flowers with a cohesive identity.

The Vessel is As Important As the Flowers

With flowers as beautiful as ours, they almost scoff at anything not befitting of their beauty. That’s why many of our best faux floral arrangements are already placed in a gorgeous, high-end vase.

We also don’t ship every one of our faux flower arrangements in the same vase. That would be too easy and it would diminish the impact our arrangements might have on their admirers. Instead, Winward Home decor stylists select each vase specifically for the arrangement.

So, the contemporary phalaenopsis might get a contemporary square glass vase to match. Or a more traditional collection of cut roses might get a more appropriate footed vase. The end result is a cohesive arrangement that requires no further thought on your part. Simply select the arrangement that best suits your aesthetic and the rest is up to us.

Winward Home offers a robust collection of some of the finest faux floral arrangements on the market. From simple designs to complex arrangements, we offer collections to suit nearly any style. Shop our faux floral today!

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