How Winward Home Makes Realistic Faux Flower Centerpieces

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At Winward Home, we're known for crafting stunning faux flower centerpieces. Our focus is to create beauty with realism. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship of every petal and stem is what makes our faux flower arrangements elegant and timeless. 

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain to answer all your questions about how we create our realistic faux flower centerpieces to achieve the highest level of sophistication and beauty.

Making Beauty Permanent 

Whether our team of artisans is creating a large luxurious faux flower centerpiece or a small botanical display, the same craftsmanship always goes into the process. And it all starts with nature.

Before making any faux floral arrangement, stems are carefully chosen from the finest fresh flower growers in the industry. This critical first step is what ensures Winward faux flower centerpieces are created with the spirit of the real flower.

How We Make Faux Floral Centerpieces Realistic

With our stunning fresh stems sources, it’s time for our artisans to get to work. Here’s a look at how we make the perfect flower step by step. 

Plaster and Steel Molds

There are many ways to preserve fresh blooms at home. At Winward Home, we carefully remove each leaf and petal and place them in a bed of flour to help preserve their real shape. Then, plaster of paris is carefully poured into the top of each to capture every small detail and their delicate texture.

Since stems are constantly changing, we can create upwards of 20 different molds to capture the different stages of growth. Plaster molds are then used to make the male and female steel molds for the final mold pressing.

The time and care that goes into creating these realistic molds help our faux floral centerpieces stand out. 

Stunningly Realistic Petals

We use a few different materials to create our high-quality faux flower centerpieces. However, polyester is by far our most used material. As The Spruce explains, the best faux flowers are often made with fabric because it provides a soft-touch finish to the flower petal to create a more realistic appearance. 

Unlike plastic or latex, fabric flower arrangements both feel and look amazing. They are also durable and can be easily cleaned with light dusting to always look pristine.

The fabric is die-cut into flat shapes that are ready to be hand shaped and painted.

Color Harmony

If you’ve ever studied a flower petal, you know it’s not one solid color. Different shades and subtle hues are what make a stem truly stunning. That’s why we take pride in defining style with our deluxe faux flower centerpieces. 

Monochromatic color combinations use different tints, tones, and shades to create depth in petals and leaves. Our monobotanical arrangements are made up of one flower and create a strong visual impact. Or, you can choose from a botanical style design that creates more natural-looking arrangements showcasing different stages of growth and accents like foliage, buds, twigs, and berries. 

No matter the style you choose, know that the petals of the faux flower centerpiece are always dyed a base color and put into the steamer to lock in the eye-catching pigment. Additionally, each flower head is finished with hand-painting to bring the spirit of the natural flower to each stem.

Hand Assembled

Once the fabric petals are dyed, they are hand assembled starting from the middle and working out. Our artisans take the time to hand-curl petals to create extra detail and make the faux floral centerpieces look as life-life as possible.

Water Illusion Designs

With the floral arrangements created, the work isn’t over yet. Nothing breathes life into a faux flower arrangement like a water illusion and picturesque stems. We use resin to create a perfectly level and clear water illusion which also helps our faux flowers stand up straight in their vase. 

While resin is by far one of the most popular ways to fill the bottom of a faux flower centerpiece, it’s not the only option. Some faux floral centerpieces, such as orchids, appear more lifelike with a vase filled with faux moss and winding roots. 

Shop Realistic Faux Flower Centerpieces Today

At Winward Home, all of our faux floral centerpieces are crafted and assembled in the USA. Our skilled team of artisans builds each floral arrangement with only the top-quality components and gives each stem the time and attention it needs to appear incredibly lifelike.

Our faux floral centerpieces make the ideal addition to your home and their beauty will never fade. Shop our complete collection of faux flower centerpieces today.

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