Our 4 Essentials For Decorating A Holiday Party

Setting for elegant decorated holiday party

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to set your entertaining plans in motion. Sure you have lots to keep track of like gift wrapping, Christmas home decor, and festive baking, but if you are entertaining guests over the holidays then you know that even cozy smaller gatherings require excellent presentation.

Decorating your home can be an overwhelming activity, but there is no need to fret. We have prepared our Christmas/holiday decoration essentials for making a lasting impression this year.

The best festive decor is all about quality over quantity, and we know that some pieces can have a larger impact than others.

Light The Way

Lighting for your holiday party should fit the season. There’s something uniquely festive about flames dancing across an open hearth and candles flickering as your guests spend time with one another.

Long candlesticks serve this purpose well, and they should be used as a statement piece on your dinner table as well as around the room to cast light. Candlestick holders are a great way to have a sculpture on your table without taking up too much space, so look for holders with unique, winter-ready designs.

To adequately set the mood, aim to have at least a dozen tea lights in smaller vessels like rustic jars. The less you need to rely on your home’s light fixtures, the better.

An Elegant Bar

Fun holiday cocktails and good wine are some of the must-haves of any successful holiday party. Along with ensuring your guests have fine glassware to drink from, outfitting your bar cart or serving station with something that shouts “festive luxury” is a must.

Ensure that you own a coordinating set complete with everything that you may need for your thirsty guests. The jury is out on whether gold, silver, or brass is the most holiday-friendly color scheme, just make sure it all matches then start developing your cocktail menu!

Of course, don’t forget to “dress up” your serving station with garlands and appropriately colored napkins and accouterments. For a stationary bar, a mirror does wonders to cast the shining lights of bar crystal around the room.

The Walk Up

Decorating for a holiday party will take a lot of planning for your indoor space, but don’t forget about what your guests will see when they walk up to the front door.

After dropping off their wheels with the complimentary valet service (a smart choice to avoid any pedestrian mishaps on icy sidewalks), give your friends and family a great first impression with modest-colored outdoor lighting (white lights on your home’s trim is suitable). Take down those kitschy blow-up decorations for the day.

Your front door should feature a wreath that makes a statement without being too over-the-top. Winward Home faux wreaths are an excellent choice, especially since they don’t require watering.


In addition, allow the theme of your interior decor to be visible from outdoors. Chalet-chic can mean a pair of vintage skis left on the porch, while classic Christmas luxe wouldn’t be right without a pair of micro-pines guarding the front door. Find inspiration by researching what the professionals do to their front stoop.

A Show-Stopping Centerpiece

Some of you may be serving hors d’oeuvres this holiday season, while others will opt for a formal sit-down meal. Regardless, there is one necessity for dressing your table to achieve the maximum level of class: Christmas faux floral arrangements.

There are so many ways that you can make your table seem magical. Faux garlands serve as a backdrop for your spread (hopefully you have excellent taste in holiday dinnerware), while a faux floral or greenery centerpiece does more than just draw compliments. It sets the tone of your entire interior Christmas home decor philosophy – so make it count.

Winward Home’s Holiday Collection includes pine tree, Christmas berry, hydrangea, and our signature Amaryllis flower for your perfect centerpiece. The best part: the lifelike artificial centerpieces won’t wither or drop leaves, and require almost no maintenance. That’s one less item on your holiday party planning list to worry about.

Inspiring Your Decor This Holiday Season

Looking for even more inspiration for holiday decor this season? Check out our decorating for the holiday season blog post for more insights that you can use in your home.

Shop our faux greenery for centerpieces, wreaths, and other Christmas faux floral arrangements to level up your interior decor this year.

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