6 Things to Consider When Decorating for the Holidays

Christmas decorations with two trees in luxurious room

The holiday season is almost upon us, and high-end Christmas decorations will be making an appearance. For many homeowners, this brings the excitement of decorating your home for a festive soirée. 

But this anticipation also means the hustle and bustle of the holidays, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You may wonder how you will stay on top of decorating, planning meals, and everything else that a memorable Christmas requires.

We have prepared our top advice for staying on top of things and decorating your home like a professional this season. Our team knows what it takes to make a luxurious impression year-round, and the holidays are no exception.

Not only will your houseguests be envious of your taste, but they will also wonder how you seemed to do it all without breaking a sweat. Here are our top 6 things to consider when decorating for the holidays

Building Vignettes

Finding the right theme to build your home’s high end Christmas decorations around is essential. But that doesn't mean you can’t tell a story with each room where your guests will spend time. 

Although your dining area may feature a show-stopping centerpiece, your sitting room could lean towards a Nutcracker decor focus or show off detailed handmade paper snowflakes.

When each room has its own story, it becomes a conversation starter and an excuse for your guests to explore the rest of your home. 

Personalize Your Tree

Showcase a tree that is unique and personalized. This means more than the handmade ornaments–think about an overall theme like a snow-kissed look or pale gold lighting and ribbons. 

A Christmas tree can evoke any design style from mid-century modern to statement-making luxe. Find Christmas tree decoration inspiration from your favorite designers and trendsetters and make them unique in your own space.


Christmas candles decorating table in front of cityscape window

Dim The Lights

Nothing sets the scene for the holidays like dim, cozy lighting. We aren’t talking about something so faint that it makes you want to fall asleep, rather a mood-setting vibe fit for tucking into an eggnog cocktail.

One way to do this is with dimmed light settings, but another is with candles or the safer, battery-powered “flickering” version. 

Even if you don’t have a fireplace in the room you are entertaining in, you can still give that warm fireside impression by placing tealight-sized candles on your side tables.

Set The Mood Outdoors

Great outdoor holiday decor goes beyond sparkling Christmas lights and a wreath on the door. 

You can showcase your interior decor if you have large front-facing windows, and match the design to the outdoor decorations that you put on your front porch. 

Faux outdoor arrangements decorating around white french doors.

A Wreath To Remember

Wreaths and garlands are the ultimate versatile holiday decorating pieces. They can be placed anywhere from the mantle to the kitchen counter and transform a room with ease. 

But along with watering and cleaning up around your Christmas tree, sweeping needles from your wreaths will start to feel like a part time job in the busy holiday season. Thankfully, an alternative exists: the artificial high end Christmas decoration. 

Faux wreaths and garlands from Windward Home’s Holiday Collection are extraordinarily lifelike and detailed, and they will last you for many holiday seasons to come. 

The world of luxury Christmas decorations has changed since silk flower arrangements became the gold standard for the homeowner on the go. 

Faux wreaths and garlands are perfect for holiday homes and offices too, and come in a range of contemporary designs of faux eucalyptus and magnolia.

Don’t Forget the Centerpiece

The holidays are the best occasion to dress up your dinner table with luxury Christmas decor fit for royalty. Aside from your best dinnerware and finest wines, a properly themed centerpiece is the final touch.

Anyone who has a few holiday dinners planned may grow tired of poinsettias and pine. Set a distinguished impression with a premium holiday hydrangea in glass or a festive shade of roses.

Charm Your Guests This Holiday Season

The best Christmas home decor takes good planning and a willingness to try something new.

Take risks with eye-catching decor this Christmas, and save yourself some time and effort along the way. Christmas faux floral arrangements look just like the real thing, but without constant cleanup. 

Luxury high end Christmas decorations are meant to anchor your design ideas every year, and give you the confidence to try something new. Above all, start your preparations early for this holiday season and get ready to make an impression.

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