Mastering the Art of Faux Orchid Flower Arrangements: A Helpful Guide

Faux phalaenopsis white orchid display in black bowl on table

Orchid arrangements are renowned for their exotic look. The elegant stems reach for the sky, allowing the vibrant buds to thrive.

But as stunning as an orchid flower arrangement may be, these flowering plants are notoriously difficult to care for. They require specialized potting and a delicate hand for watering. That’s why artificial orchid flower arrangements are an equally stunning but convenient alternative.

Join us as we cover helpful tips for how to choose and perfect your orchid artificial flower arrangement.

Considerations for Orchid Flower Arrangements

Orchid flower arrangements are undeniably stunning on their own, but with some careful considerations, you can truly make your realistic orchid plant stand out.

Understanding Different Orchid Blooms

There are dozens of unique orchid plants to choose from, each with a distinct look. Perhaps the most well-known are phalaenopsis orchids. They are popular houseplants that can bear multiple, medium-sized flower buds in a variety of vibrant colors or subdued shades.

Dendrobium and Cymbidium orchids have larger blooms while “Dancing Lady” orchids are known for their smaller, uniquely shaped flowers. Having at least some knowledge about the different types of orchid plants can help you choose the best arrangement for your space.

Combining Blooms

When decorating with live plants, many individuals will group orchids together to create their own display. It’s best to use three to five small orchids to create a centerpiece. Keep them in their original containers and build up a base around them.

The key is to use an odd number of orchids to keep your display visually appealing.

Showcase Creativity With Your Vase

What your faux orchid flower arrangement lives in is nearly as important as the luxurious blooms themselves. Orchid roots are very distinct and are known to climb out of their vase. This provides a great opportunity to showcase their artistic roots and verdant stems.

With an artificial orchid flower arrangement, you are not limited to simple pots or glass vases. Modern bowls, textured cache pots, and metallic vases are all options. What these decorative vessels have in common is that they are all shorter, allowing the tall orchid arrangement to shine.

Let Your Orchid Plant Stand Out

Orchid arrangements are not your typical houseplant, nor are they your average floral arrangement. Due to its height and eye-catching blooms, life-like orchid flowers make the ideal centerpiece for your home.

Consider giving them a place of honor in your entryway, dining room, or living space. These blooms reflect refined luxury and demand attention.

Benefits of Faux Orchid Flower Arrangements

Artificial orchid flower arrangements are an ideal choice if you love the exotic appeal of the flowers without the upkeep. Here are some of the benefits of a high-quality faux display that you may not realize.

Freedom of Movement

Orchid arrangements have specific requirements when it comes to temperature, sunlight, and humidity. The American Orchid Society recommends placing live orchids near east or south-facing windows to provide bright, indirect light. However, they can’t be under direct sunlight or the leaves and buds will burn. Orchids are very temperamental and this limits where you can keep your stunning display.

Faux phalaenopsis pink orchid display in bowl on kitchen counter

With a faux orchid flower arrangement, you can place your beautiful buds wherever your heart desires. While it’s best to keep your display out of direct sunlight, these blooms will be perfectly happy regardless of light exposure.

All Perfect Angles

Similarly, live orchids typically have a preferred “face.” That is, an angle or a side where the blooms look the best. This is often dictated by how they grow and face the sunlight.

Whereas a high-end faux orchid flower arrangement looks flawless from any angle. This is what makes them the ideal centerpiece.

No Watering Required

Of course, we can’t forget how little maintenance an artificial orchid arrangement requires. Live displays are susceptible to being overwatered and are finicky to changes in temperature. A luxury faux display, on the other hand, simply requires a monthly dusting to remain pristine.

Choose Your Everlasting Orchid Arrangement Today

If you’ve always adored the appearance of a vibrant orchid plant but don’t have a green thumb, you can still enjoy these flowers with a high-end, handmade display. They are the perfect design solution for those who have a discerning taste but no time to dote over living decor.

Enjoy a timeless orchid in a vase or bowl centerpiece. Our realistic orchid arrangements are made with only the best materials and an emphasis on quality.

Browse our complete collection of artificial orchid flower arrangements from Winward Home today.

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