How to Use Faux Floral Arrangements as a Statement Piece

luxury faux floral arrangement

A luxury faux floral arrangement can be the centerpiece of a room and a refreshing, open invitation to guests as they move about your home.

And without the steady upkeep that real flowers require, you and your family can maintain an everlasting aesthetic with ease.

So how can you maximize your faux bouquets and create a statement piece (or pieces) like no other?

Why Go Faux

Floral arrangements can be high-maintenance, especially if you don’t have the time of desire to add another to-do item on your list. That’s where fake flowers come in. They are:

  • Hassle-free.
  • A one-time investment.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Versatile.

While you only have access to seasonal varieties of certain flowers based on your geography and time of year, permanent botanicals enable you to bypass the traditional limitations of floral arrangements.

Plus, your bouquets should differ room to room, and indoor vs outdoor. Faux flowers allow you to mix and match as you please with no restrictions.

What Does a Statement Piece Mean to You and Your Home?

So what exactly are you hoping to accomplish with a floral statement piece? 

Maybe there’s a certain luxury aesthetic, mood or emotion you’re hoping to convey. Maybe you just need that one final touch of polish to really bring a room together. Or maybe you want something personal and special to you and your loved ones.

These are all great reasons!

A floral statement piece can accomplish all of the above — and more.

A statement piece should not detract from or contradict with other existing features of your home. Otherwise you’ll be creating an atmospheric dissonance with clashing tones, textures and dynamics.

As you begin to design the floral arrangement you’ve always wanted, keep in mind what statement you’re trying to make. What do you want to evoke? And why does that statement matter?

That will help bring focus to your arrangements and even help dictate placement, complements and individual botanical choices.

Here are some more specific considerations when creating your statement piece.

Factor in Seasonality 

The beauty of faux flowers is that they can give the impression of organic nature. In other words, they should mimic reality instead of being obvious, plastic stand-ins.

With that in mind, seasonality may influence your selection of flowers. 

Spring, of course, brings a wider array of flower options, like cherry blossoms, peonies, roses and lilacs.

Summer skews more toward hydrangeas, gardenias and sunflowers.

Fall and winter colors are found in roses, hydrangeas, and magnolias, with a mix of berries, pine cones, holly, eucalyptus sprays and amaryllis.

This list is not exhaustive or exclusive. This is just to give you a sense of seasonal variety, so that you can match your faux plants to actual seasonal trends.

Vases Matter

Your flowers don’t have to do all the work for you. Your vases can complement and exaggerate your floral selection.

This might mean using tall, slender vases in some cases or wider, oval vases in others. The vase can easily be accommodated to suit the decor of the room and the season of the year, as you can use anything from porcelain to metal to ceramic. Some designs are best suited for glass. Peruse our site to look for inspiration.

Bend Faux Flower Stems

Speaking of stems, faux botanicals are sometimes made with unnaturally sized features which may not fit your vases or the particular vibe you’re going for.

You can easily bend your stems and even remove individual petals to achieve the look you want. This bending and reshaping is referred to as “fluffing”, and we fluff all the flower arrangements to get the perfect look. Fluffing can even be done to refresh a look from season to season, if you wish to use another vase or redecorate the room. 

Add Final Embellishments

When you’re looking for that final touch, you can garnish your bouquets with additional features, like berries, pops of color petals, ribbons, wreaths and other decorative accents. These embellishments can change the entire look of a floral arrangement, changing its appearance from season to season, or from room to room to room. An arrangement that fits perfectly in the entry during the spring might be a wonderful autumn arrangement in the dining room.

You can also position lighting in a way that highlights certain features of your arrangement. Placing flowers under a dedicated light gives a different look than placing it in front of a window, or on a mantle in front of a mirror. All of these things can be done to revitalize the flowers.

Ready for the finest high-quality flowers for your home? Shop our faux florals and wreaths today.

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