Faux Flowers in a Vase: 6 Styles You'll Love

Faux flowers in a vase on a dining room table

Faux flowers in a vase add a touch of elegance, liveliness, and beauty to any room and are great for individuals who prefer minimum upkeep. They are a terrific way to add a splash of color to your living space and can elevate any atmosphere.

Artificial flowers in a vase are ideal to display on a coffee table, dining table, foyer, and so much more. While it may seem like nothing surpasses filling your home with fresh flowers and live plants, high-quality, luxurious artificial flowers in a vase replicate those directly from the garden. They serve as the perfect finishing touch to your home décor and will offer years of beautiful display!

If you’re looking to invest in luxurious and sophisticated faux flowers in a vase, we’ve rounded up 6 styles you’ll love for years to come. 

1. Create a Minimalist Look with Faux Flowers 

If you’re someone who loves a simple, clean, and organized atmosphere, high-end faux flowers in a vase can be the perfect addition to your home.

Faux orchids are a timeless yet sophisticated approach to achieving a minimalist look. Put your luxury faux orchid in a vase and enjoy its simplicity and beauty in any room.

With our Phalaenopsis in Square Glass, you can easily impress your friends and family while maintaining an everlasting minimalist look.

2. Faux Flowers in a Vase with Greenery 

Nothing brightens up a room like a beautiful vase with faux flowers and lush greenery. Consider displaying faux flowers in a vase with simple yet stunning greenery to provide a natural, fresh appearance. The additional greenery adds texture and style to an otherwise dull arrangement.

Bright greenery and life-like stems and leaves emanate from our lovely Fiddle Leaf in a Vase. This faux arrangement exudes beauty, charm, and luxury and makes for the ideal year-round centerpiece.

These life-like and opulent faux flowers in a vase provide a pop of color and a one-of-a-kind design to your home that cannot be matched.

3. Colorful Artificial Flowers in a Vase

A vase filled with vibrantly colored faux flowers will liven up any environment. A simple yet beautiful vase paired with lavish, saturated, and gorgeous artificial flowers creates the ideal trendy floral arrangement.

A splash of orange, yellow, red, or pink may bring life and enjoyment to your decor. High-quality, colorful, and luxurious faux flowers in a vase will look as if they were recently picked and are a fantastic way to display your favorite blooms even when they are not in season!

Our Mix Floral in Longlife Bowl is an excellent faux floral arrangement for adding splashes of color to your living areas while also serving as a warm welcome to all guests.

4. Faux Flowers in a Glass Vase 

While your luxury artificial flowers are the main attraction, a classy and elegant vase can accentuate and enhance them. Placing your faux flowers in a glass vase highlights the actual stems of your flowers and creates a wonderful modern aesthetic.

The clean lines and classic design of a glass vase complement and balance all blossoms, completely embodying the essence of style.

Our designer glass collection is high-quality and long-lasting, with styles ranging from simple to sophisticated, and short to tall. 

5. Tall Faux Flowers in a Vase

Tall, exotic faux flowers in a vase add charm and character to any decor. While a small and delicate faux floral arrangement is lovely, a tall, large arrangement can make quite a statement.

Tall artificial flowers have a lifelike appearance and texture that will impress your guests the moment they walk through the door.

Our Calla Lily in Profile Vase Tall is sure to draw attention no matter where you put it. It acts as a great centerpiece for your space, to the point where you don't need another focal point in the room.

At Winward Home, we keep up with all the latest trends and styles so you’ll always find a piece you love. From elegant vases, luxury potted floor plants, and huge silk flowers to our renowned high-quality floral arrangements, we offer the most exquisite pieces that will bring your home to life. Depending on your preferences, you can rotate your displays by season or leave them up all year long.

Expert artists paint, curl, and assemble each arrangement by hand to produce the highest quality botanicals.

Bring style and elegance into your home and shop our faux floral today!

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