Discover the Versatility of Artificial Wreaths in Interior Design

Artificial boxwood wreaths on front door

A timeless wreath that captures the true spirit and beauty of nature can make the perfect addition to your home year-round.

While wreaths are often associated with holiday cheer, you can find plenty of sophisticated options to fit any season. From stunning artificial flower wreaths to your classic Christmas wreaths, you can add a touch of elegance to your home with the right decor.

Luxury Artificial Wreaths for Every Season

What better way to welcome your guests than by adorning a mantle, tabletop, or entryway with the natural elegance, beauty, and style of a luxury artificial wreath? Not only are they a sophisticated addition to your decor, but they’re also extremely versatile.

Here is some inspiration for how to decorate with artificial wreaths throughout the year.

Classic Winter Wreaths

Of course, we cannot begin the list without mentioning classic winter wreaths. High-end faux wreaths can breathe life into a space during the holiday season and the cold winter months.

Consider a timeless American Holiday Wreath to bring a sense of warmth and comfort into any home. Or, add a pop of color with a Classic Holiday Deluxe Wreath that incorporates artfully placed red berries among the classic lush greenery.

You can even find faux wreaths that are already lit up to instantly infuse holiday cheer into your home. The American Holiday Deluxe Wreath is intricately handcrafted and arrives pre-lit and pre-decorated with ornaments and ready to hang over your mantel or on your front door.

Stunning Spring Wreaths

As the weather becomes warmer, it’s time to celebrate the change of seasons with a new wreath. Take inspiration from your favorite spring flowers and incorporate brighter colors into your decor. A Magnolia Bud Wreath celebrates one of the first flowers of spring with vibrant buds just about to bloom nestled among greenery.

For something more floral, the Deluxe Tree Magnolia Wreath is bursting with handcrafted flowers in full bloom. Because the wreath is artificial, you never have to worry about the beauty of these delicate flowers fading.

At Winward Home, our collection of artificial flower wreaths are available in many of your favorite spring blooms from magnolias and peonies to vibrant ranunculuses.

Sophisticated Summer Wreaths

The hot summer months are the perfect time to incorporate more flowers into your decor. While spring blooms have faded, the bright sun makes more iconic blooms come to life.

Think of timeless hydrangeas, roses and more. A Faux Dried Hydrangea Wreath adds the perfect coastal touch to your home. Or, consider an Orange Citrus Wreath for something more unexpected but equally vibrant.

Aesthetic Autumn Wreaths

Finally, it’s time to be inspired by the changing leaves and find your perfect autumnal faux wreath. The stunning shades of oranges, yellows, and reds can be added to your home decor. An Aspen Leaf Wreath hangs beautifully on doors with its rich golden yellow leaves naturally arranged in abundance.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a timeless wreath composed of faux greenery. From boxwood designs to Magnolia Gold Leaf Wreath, these make ideal accents during this transitional season.

Faux hydrangea wreath on wall behind white vases

How to Decorate With High-End Artificial Wreaths

A hand-crafted faux wreath deserves to be seen. While they’re often used to adorn the front door, wreaths are actually more versatile than most people realize. Be inspired by places to hang your wreath that aren’t the front door or over your mantel.

A sophisticated wreath can be added to nearly any room and look stunning when incorporated into wall decor or added to a statement mirror. Utilize wreaths of different sizes to create dimension with your accents and be creative with their placement.

How to Hang Faux Wreaths

With so many options for where to hang your luxury faux wreath, you should also consider how you will hang them. Luckily, there are many unique ways to hang a wreath without doing any damage to your door or walls.

Of course, there is always a classic over-the-door wreath hanger which can be a good and durable option. However, using ribbons may be the preferred choice if you want to add a feminine touch and hang your wreath around your home.

At Winward Home, our collection of artificial wreaths make for a fabulous first impression and will amaze anyone you welcome into your home. As always, the stunning and diverse collection of faux wreaths is carefully hand-crafted with the finest quality components.

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