4 Tips to Make Faux Flower Arrangements Look More Luxurious

Faux flower arrangement in a clear glass vase sits in the center of an elegant glass-top table near a sun-filled bay window.

Faux flowers are a great way to add color and elegance to any space. Not all artificial flowers are alike, though – and even the most sophisticated of faux flower arrangements can use a little primping to make them more realistic and luxurious. Want to make your faux flowers look as spectacular as possible so they’re kitchen or coffee-table ready? Here’s how!

1. Buy High-Quality Faux Flowers

While it may seem obvious, there’s a massive difference between the vast majority of artificial flowers and quality deluxe faux flowers like those made by Winward Home. People often ask “How do you make cheap fake flowers look real?” The (likely unpopular) answer? It’s difficult. 

You can spruce up faux flowers in a pinch by adding a mix of real flowers with them, but you can’t create quality where there isn’t any – creating this luxury takes time. 

2. Cut the Stems or Interlace Them

Think of some of the nicest floral arrangements you’ve seen. Chances are good that they employ different textures and colors and varied flower lengths.

A live bouquet is an artistic statement piece as much as it is a collection of living plants. So when you create a faux floral arrangement, whether large or small, play with the length of each stem. 

If you don’t want to cut your faux flower stems, you can interlace them together at the bottom of the floral arrangement, making it possible to reuse different flowers in different arrangements later, creating a beautiful and luxurious look. 

3. Fluff or Iron Petals and Leaves

You may be familiar with fluffing pillows or even your holiday tree. Faux flowers deserve the same care! In fact, unfluffed vs. fluffed faux flower arrangements can look quite different.

When fluffing your faux flower arrangement, pay careful attention to where each petal falls. Remember to iron or arrange the leaves of each stem also; crinkly leaves can be a dead giveaway that your flowers aren’t real (pun intended), especially on plants that are mostly leafy like artificial eucalyptus.

4. Don’t Forget the Vase

There are a few considerations to keep in mind with regard to faux flower arrangements in vases:

  • Scale: Large faux flower arrangements need appropriately hefty vases. Small faux flower arrangements can be put in vases that are proportionally smaller. If your floral arrangement doesn’t come in or with a vase, you’ll want to think about where you’re going to place it and the height and depth a vase will add to the overall look and feel of the arrangement.
  • Opacity: Do you want to be able to see the stems? If so a glass vase could work well. Conversely, a pewter or ceramic vase could be a better choice if you want the blooms alone to be the focal point.
  • Aesthetic: The vase you choose can work for or against your faux floral arrangement so make sure you match your vase to your blooms. Are you going for a country-chic look or a Chinoiserie look? Do you want a more traditional arrangement or a more contemporary one? Your faux flowers are half your arrangement, and your vase is the other half – so choose wisely. 

Discover Winward Home Faux Floral Arrangements

For luxury faux floral arrangements that are truly life-like, rely on Winward Home arrangements and greenery. From tabletop to vanity to greenery, our high-end faux flower arrangements are designed to mimic the living plants on which they’re based, making them truly celebratory – and realistic –  by design.

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