The Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements

luxury faux floral arrangements

There’s nothing more elegant than a bouquet of flowers greeting you when you walk in the door of your home or office. But this luxurious display can be difficult to maintain. 

Life gets busy. Travel, work, and running errands can get in the way. You won’t always have time to maintain the floral arrangements in your care.

But that doesn’t mean that you should stress about how to ensure that your space always looks lavish.

Luxury faux floral arrangements are the solution. These florals are more than just a low-commitment alternative. They are statement decor pieces that make an impression.

Imagine any kind of floral arrangement, from centerpieces to greenery, wreaths, and garlands

Why do faux flower arrangements and botanicals look just as good as the real thing? Read on to find out.

The Benefits of Faux Flower Arrangements

When you don’t have the time and energy to take care of real floral displays, faux floral arrangements are a secret weapon for changing the dynamic of a room.

One of the most compelling reasons is that faux flowers don’t have to be in season. Your favorite varieties are ready year-round, so your home or office is always prepared for events or unexpected special guests. 

If you or your guests are allergy sufferers, faux floral is the logical choice. The arrangements can be spritzed with fresh scents when appropriate.

Faux floral arrangements don’t wither in direct sunlight or heat, and you will never have to worry about small insects making their home where they aren’t wanted.

Of course, the main benefit of faux flowers from the right maker is that they stay gorgeous. 

Today’s faux arrangements are vibrant and luxurious down to the last detail, and the world’s hottest designers are finding many uses for them in the home, office, and beyond. 


Where to Use Faux Arrangements

If your lifestyle is filled with jet-setting and adventure, faux floral arrangements are the clear choice for dressing up your vacation home or estate. 

After a long journey, your arrangement will greet you with a feast for the eyes while you get settled. 

Even as we find ourselves traveling, we are staying connected with those around us through virtual communication. Faux floral arrangements make the perfect Zoom backdrop for work or personal calls, and your friends and colleagues will surely ask about the decadent decor in your background.

Small and delicate arrangements make perfect additions to your vanity or tabletop and are great ways to experiment with succulents, boxwoods, or your favorite floral option.

There is nothing more practical than the faux floral centerpiece. 

Important dinners with associates, friends, and family come up unexpectedly, and decorating the table with a lavish arrangement makes your evening feel everlasting.

The possibilities for faux floral arrangements are endless. No matter what your preference, you can find something to brighten every room. 

The Rise of Faux Floral

Faux floral arrangements and faux botanicals are taking the luxury world by storm.

You are probably seeing faux arrangements in the pages of luxury design magazines and Instagram photos of some of the world’s finest homes. You just don’t realize it.

Designers used to talk about the ten-inch-test, which is the distance where you can usually tell that flowers aren’t the real deal. This “industry standard” is being challenged by ultra-realistic arrangements.

Look for features like “natural” variations in color (since real flowers aren’t “really” perfect) and foliage texture. These details are now considered the standard in the industry and have established an art form of its own. 

Quoting Avi Steinberg from the New York Times Magazine in a letter in support of “fake flowers”, “Handcrafted flowers, by contrast [to real flowers], make no pretenses. They are the sincerest of flowers, precisely because they are made — with intention, craft, ingenuity, and quirky imperfection.”

Artificial flower arrangements are a craft of their own, and the best makers in the world are always pushing the envelope, blurring the line between art and reality. The entire botanical and floral world is being reproduced, sometimes in nature-defying ways.

Don’t believe it? Next time you are in an exclusive hotel or world class restaurant, take a closer inspection of the bouquets on display. Don’t be surprised if you find an elegant faux piece greeting you.

Wondering where to look for luxury faux floral arrangements for your space? Shop our faux flowers and wreaths to find the perfect collection for you.

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