5 Simple Steps to Arrange Artificial Flowers Like a Pro

A delicate arrangement of artificial spring flowers in a glass vase on a sunny kitchen table.

With the right arrangement, any space in your home or office can transform into an eye-catching pop of color and an expression of your inner aesthetic. While traditional, real flowers may be good for a short period of time, aesthetically speaking, artificial flowers allow a designer to create a room that is both visually resplendent and long-lasting.

But are there considerations when decorating a room with faux flowers? And are there specific steps to follow when using artificial flowers for arrangements? In this article, we’ll explore how to arrange artificial flowers and uncover five steps for how to create a high-end and stunning arrangement every time.

1. Decide on a Theme

While an artificial flower arrangement can last all year, many designers will tell you that with arranging artificial flowers it’s better to change things up as the seasons shift. After all, the hues and mood of spring are vastly different from the muted beauty of the winter before it.

So even before you buy anything, consider the feel of the arrangement you’re planning on. Everything from the types of flowers and colors you choose to the materials they're made from will be greatly influenced by whether you are going for a vibrant and jubilant look or something that’s more subdued.

2. Consider Your Container

Even before you select your flowers for the arrangement, consider what type of container into which they’ll be placed.

Are you going for a rustic feeling for your flower arrangement or more of a modern vibe? Will your arrangement be inside, or will it be placed outdoors? Do you plan to decorate seasonally or are you hoping for a one-and-done, year-round look? All of these questions will have a bearing on what material, color, pattern, and level of transparency you should consider.

The amazing thing about artificial flower arrangements is that they don’t require a traditional vase. After all, artificial blooms don’t require water to keep their vibrancy. While it’s certainly permissible to use a glass or ceramic vase to display your arrangement, you can also use more porous or atypical containers, such as:

  • Terracotta
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Unsealed metal
  • And more

Choose the container that best suits your aesthetic, and then decide where best to place it in your living space.

3. Choose Your Blooms

With your container selected and a theme narrowed down, now it’s time to select the flowers that will go into an arrangement. Much like the container you’ve selected, the flowers you select will carry a particular energy.

Consider the abundance of the hydrangea or the explosiveness of peonies versus the more understated elegance of the calla lily. Each carries a personality that should be honored and displayed accordingly.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding a variety of flowers and greenery to full flower arrangements and single flower types for taller and simpler displays.

Our Real Touch Floral Stems are a popular choice for luxury faux floral arranging.

4. Line Your Container

Once you have your high-end faux flowers selected, prepare your container.

When making your own faux floral arrangements, add a transparent polymer, such as Elmer's Clear Glue, to give the effect of a reservoir of water at the bottom of your container. You can even add some pebbles, rounded stones, or other hard elements to the glue for a dynamic waterscape.

For opaque containers, use florist’s foam from a craft store to line the bottom of your container. This lining will help keep the stems of your flowers from shifting once they’ve been placed.

If you'd prefer to purchase a high-quality, expertly-crafted faux floral arrangement, browse our collection at Winward Home. All of our luxurious artificial flower arrangements are handmade using specific machinery and a combination of solution to create long-lasting faux water and foam that takes the shape of the containers perfectly.

4. Place Your Flowers

Your flowers were crafted with nuanced attention to detail. It’s time to give them the respect they deserve.

Rather than simply shoving the flowers into your container in one big bunch, cut the stems to match your container’s height and then delicately place them, one by one. Doing this mindfully until your artificial flower arrangements are complete will ensure it is even and carries the intended effect.

5. Place Your Arrangement

With your artificial flower arrangement complete, place it in your home or office. Be sure to add some additional decorative elements nearby to echo some of the colors or patterns found in your blossoms for maximum effect.

For the best artificial flower arrangement, you need the best artificial flowers. Winward Home offers a wide swath of custom, high-end faux flowers in many popular varieties. Shop our faux floral arrangements today.

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