6 Secret Design Tricks to Liven Up Your Living Room Space


Whether you want to enhance a small living room or make your large living space more cozy and intimate, there are multiple living room design ideas that can liven up your home. 

Living room decorating can be challenging, but with the right tips and tricks, you can elevate your living room space from great to grand. Faux florals are the perfect way to bring glamour, beauty, and a pop of color into any space. 

If you want to make a lasting impression on all your guests, follow these faux floral living room design ideas. 

1. Invest in a Statement Piece

Investing in a luxury, high-quality faux floral arrangement for your living room space allows you to maintain an attractive and pleasing aesthetic all year round. 

Faux floral statement pieces have been a popular decorating trend for 2021 and continue to be a favored living room idea. It is a fabulous way to complement the style of your home and really bring your living area to life. 

The more care and attention that went into the making of your faux botanicals, the more exquisite and beautiful they will be. 

2. Choose a Centerpiece for Your Coffee Table

A centerpiece has the ability to evoke a sense of comfort and joy in all guests. 

Artificial flowers make for the perfect centerpiece for your living space. You never have to worry about watering your flowers and you can change the arrangement and style at any time. 

With a deluxe faux floral arrangement as your coffee table centerpiece, you can bring an air of elegance to your living room’s ambiance. This simple living room design idea gives you the freedom to dress up any occasion and creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.  

3. Decorate Your Living Room with Bright Faux Botanicals 

The beauty of faux florals is that they can liven up your living spaces and maintain their bold, vibrant colors. Artificial flowers that are carefully crafted with high-quality materials mimic realistic florals and enhance any room’s interior. 

Always remember to keep in mind the theme you are going for when looking for living room design inspiration. If your living room space has bright colors, decorate it with bright flowers. If your living room has earthy tones, decorate it with soft-colored flowers. 

Decorating with bright faux florals will bring energy, happiness, and light to your living room. 

4. Select an Appropriate Vase

When using faux florals in your living room design, it is important to choose a vase that complements your floral selection. 

Determine what type of vase best suits your family room space, whether that is a bowl-shaped vase or a tall, thinner vase. You can choose from ceramic, metal, or glass but keep in mind the decor of the room. 

Allow the faux florals to really stand out by choosing a minimalist vase. This simple living room design idea will surely bring out the texture and color palette of your faux florals. 

5. Decorate with Multiple Faux Plants 

The more plants and flowers you decorate with, the more you will bring your living room to life. 

Decorating your living room with artificial greenery and energetic colors will bring softness and fullness to your home. 

With artificial flowers, you can bend the stems or petals and make it look like they are reaching toward natural light. So, you can place faux botanicals in any area in your living room such as a shelf, side table, or above the fireplace. 

Always remember to match your artificial plants with seasonal trends to give that organic feel. 

6. Place a Faux Botanical Next to a Piece of Art 

A home decorating trend that will enhance your living room space is placing a deluxe faux floral next to a piece of art such as a painting or a framed picture. 

While faux botanicals are already pieces of art, you can increase the artistry in your living room by arranging them next to something special to you. 

With these interior design tips for your living room space, you can bring positive energy, cheer, and spirit to your home. 

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