Real Vs. Artificial Wedding Flower Arrangements

Amaryllis Magnolia Leaf centerpiece

Flowers are one of the most popular wedding decorations. They are everywhere throughout the wedding ceremony and used as centerpieces at the reception. But many people aren’t sure whether to get life-like artificial wedding flowers or real wedding flowers. Faux floral arrangements have become more common for weddings because it cuts costs without sacrificing beauty. 

So what is the difference between real vs faux floral? While there are pros and cons to both, here is everything you need to know to decide which is right for you. 

Real vs. Faux Floral 

While real flowers do look more natural, artificial flowers aren’t that far behind.  Not only do fresh flowers not last forever and require a lot of effort, but it adds more stress to the florist because they need to make sure the flowers don’t wilt before or during the wedding ceremony. If your wedding takes place on a hot summer day, chances are real flowers won’t last the entire event. On the contrary, artificial wedding flowers last forever, look elegant, and are sometimes more affordable. 

What is the Price Difference?

On average, most couples spend between $700 to $2500 on real wedding flowers. Luxury, life-like silk flower wedding bouquets and centerpieces typically cost $200 and above depending on size and quantity. Whether you are going for a simple selection of flowers or want huge, abundant arrangements, artificial wedding flowers that are hand-crafted by skilled artisans have an artistic element to them that will take your breath away . 

Why Get Artificial Wedding Flowers? 

Silk Flowers 

Silk flowers are a fabulous option for a wedding with endless colors and designs. You can find natural-looking silk flowers at a very reasonable price. Whether you want silk flower wedding bouquets or silk flower centerpieces, they are bound to look appealing and make a statement. 

Artificial Wedding Flowers are More Durable

A gust of wind or some rainfall can seriously damage real flowers. Using faux flowers for wedding centerpieces or garlands will free you from stress as they are much more durable and sturdy. Especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding, it is better to be more prepared and trust that your decorations will stay intact no matter the weather. 

Faux Florals are Allergy Free

Some guests may have bad allergies to specific flowers. To avoid any issues, artificial wedding flowers are the way to go. Artificial flowers allow all guests to enjoy their time without any discomfort or annoyance. 

Guests Won’t Notice   

It is unlikely that your guests will even notice that your wedding flowers are fake. If you purchased high-quality, luxury faux flowers and your guests do notice, they would actually be extremely impressed. 

You Can Keep Artificial Wedding Flowers 

Let’s be honest…no one wants their wedding flowers to go to waste once the event is all over. If you choose to use faux flowers for your wedding, you have the option of taking them home to decorate your home or giving them away as gifts to your loved ones. You can even store your flowers for memorabilia. 

Can You Mix Artificial and Real Flowers?  

Since live flowers have a limited life span, mixing luxury artificial wedding flowers with real ones can make your bouquets and decorations last through the entire event. Not every flower is in season when you want it, so fake flowers are a great solution to achieving the look you’ve always dreamed of. A balance of real and fake flowers for weddings creates the perfect blend.

Why Winward Home

If you are looking for high-quality, realistic, and handmade faux floral arrangements for your wedding, Winward Home has got you covered. We capture the beauty of nature and offer a wide selection of artificial wedding flowers that will leave your guests in awe. Our unique designs portray beauty, elegance, and style in all things. Shop our faux florals today! 

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