How to Select the Best Faux Flowers for Your Home

Faux floral arrangement displayed on a glass table

Everyone enjoys a vase of lovely, colorful real flowers, but even the most beautiful, premium display is only temporary. That’s why realistic faux flowers are now more popular than ever before; they're renowned for their realism, wide variety, and long lifespan.

The best faux flowers will be made with superior materials and appear remarkably lifelike. However, it can be challenging to find the best artificial flowers because of the need to select the right material and integrate the artificial flowers with your home's décor.

We are here to help you make informed decisions by giving you professional advice and tips, so you can confidently choose the best quality faux flowers and astound anyone who enters your home!

The Best Material for Faux Flowers 

The material you choose will determine how realistic your artificial flowers will appear, so making the right choice should be your top priority. Making the right material selection can make the difference between a mediocre faux floral arrangement and an outstanding one. 

Before searching for the right material for your faux floral, you must first decide your budget and how long you want the faux floral to last. The better quality the materials are, the longer your realistic faux flowers will stun you and your guests. It's important to keep in mind that high-quality faux flowers typically cost a little bit more, but they are undoubtedly worth the investment.

If you’re looking for realistic, luxurious, and everlasting faux floral arrangements, silk flowers are the best option. Silk flowers are the closest thing you can get to real flowers while still looking chic and sophisticated. 

They have a beautiful and opulent appearance and can be used year after year. Plus, these flowers mimic the organic behavior of flower petals – which is ideal for flowers with large petals.

The Appropriate Color 

When selecting the best faux flowers for your home, opt for flowers with colors that are in season. Choose floral arrangements with lively greenery, and for an especially eye-catching arrangement, select a multicolored arrangement. Pick colors that will add contrast and depth to your living space and complement the room's color scheme. 

Be daring with vibrant hydrangeas and sunflowers in the summer. Decorate in the spring with extravagant peonies or tulips. And in the fall, spruce up your house with a ranunculus mix or mixed roses.

In colors ranging from pearly white to vibrant pink and red, Winward Home carries the best faux florals that are lifelike, luxurious, and stunning additions to your décor.

The Right Vase

The next step is to choose a location for your artificial flower arrangement. Are you going to place it in the middle of the dining room table? How about in your living room, on the mantle? No matter where you intend to display your bouquet, make sure the vase blends in with the interior of the space and enhances the atmosphere in your house.

If your artificial flowers are short, they should hang from the sides of the vase, and if they are tall, they should be taller than the vase. Large faux flower arrangements require sturdy, robust vases, like a tall cylinder vase or rectangular vase. On the other hand, small artificial flower arrangements can be put in vases that are considerably smaller, such as a fish bowl vase or a cube vase.

If you want the stems to add to the display, consider a glass vase. If you want the blooms to be the focal point of the arrangement, a ceramic vase might be a better choice. For added realism when using a glass vase, be sure to include liquid illusion faux water.

Where to Buy the Best Faux Flowers 

Mixed floral arrangement in glass cylinder in bathroom

If you're searching for stunning, superb, and remarkably realistic artificial floral arrangements, look no further than Winward Home! We offer the best faux flowers to elevate your home, ranging from large flowers and potted floor plants to magnificent floral arrangements. 

For the highest quality permanent botanicals, each piece is hand-painted, curled, and assembled by our talented artisans with an eye toward realism and the natural world.

Are you ready to create the living space of your dreams? Shop our faux floral today!

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