How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Flowers

White artificial peonies in a ceramic planter on a table outside

Many designers and home design enthusiasts rely on artificial flowers to add a touch of color and natural beauty to their living spaces. But many forget that faux flowers can be just as effective in designs for outdoor spaces too.

Unlike their natural counterparts, artificial bouquets don’t run the risk of fading, wilting, or dying. They can also be a one-time solution for enduring beauty in your yard, garden, or patio space.

In this article, we’ll explore how to plant artificial flowers in a pot so you can enjoy their elegant beauty all year long (weather permitting, of course).

Consider Your Vessel

Because you plan to place your artifical flowers in planters outside, it’s important to decide on a vase that is designed to weather the elements. After all, nothing is sure to ruin a delicate bouquet of artificial flowers than a cracked, crumbling, or rusted vase.

While glass or delicate porcelain might be enticing, they may prove to be too delicate for an exposed setting like your yard or patio. Instead, consider a high-end vase or planter made from:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Terra cotta
  • Stone or marble
  • Teak
  • Concrete
  • Galvanized steel
  • Glazed stoneware
  • Fiberglass

Any of the above are appropriate for how to plant artificial flowers outside. With the right vase material, your container is sure to be as long-lasting and beautiful as your artificial flowers are sure to be.

Stabilize Your Stems

With your vase selected, place them in a bed of florist foam and top off with dirt or live moss so they retain their natural shape. The material should effectively fill your vase from edge to edge, running the full diameter of your container. The smaller the gaps the less it is prone to wiggle and offset your floral arrangement.

If you have individual artificial flowers, begin to place them as you would a normal floral arrangement. However, insert the bottom of each stem a quarter of an inch of florist foam so it stays put. Repeat this process until you’ve placed all of your flowers and your arrangement is complete.

If you’ve done this properly, your flowers should not move or shift even in the face of bracing wind or rain.

Fill Your Arrangement

The next step involves topping off your arrangement so no one will be the wiser to how you’ve kept your flowers so perfectly in place.

A great possibility is placing a layer of moss across the top of your planter where the flower stems give way to the stones. This will give your arrangement a natural look and can be done with either natural or artificial moss (though note that natural moss will need to be regularly replaced).

Another great filling option is to create a water illusion to make it seem as though the flowers in your artificial floral arrangement were just picked from the garden.

Weigh it Down

Because your arrangement will be outside, it will need to be weighed down to prevent it from tipping over in the wind.

If you’ve opted to use a thick glass vase or other transparent or translucent container, we recommend you fill your vase halfway with small pebbles or rounded stones.

It is worth noting that this method will not work with a clear glue base. However, opting to trick the eye into thinking your flowers are taking a drink is one of the best ways to make artifical flowers look real outside.

For this reason, Winward Home produces a resin-based water illusion that gives the appearance that you only just watered your luxurious artificial flower arrangement minutes ago. In order to give your arrangement a long-lasting, beautiful appearance, our artisans meticulously measure the components and pour the liquid so that the levels are free of dust and bubbles.

Choose the Best Artificial Flowers

Select varieties of high-end flowers that work best with your decor and aesthetic and guests to your outdoor space can be delighted all year long. Winward Home offers countless varieties of only the best handcrafted artificial flowers for outdoor planters. Shop our faux floral today.

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