Elevate Your Space: 7 Must-Have Luxury Home Accessories

Luxury home accessories displayed on a table in a dining room

Are you seeking to elevate your space with elegant decor? You’ve come to the right place.

At Winward Home, we understand the intricacies of elegant design and the types of luxury home decor that can add a touch of sophistication to any space. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of high-end home decor in addition to some of our favorite, must-have luxury accessories. 

What Does Luxury Mean to You?

Making a space feel luxurious may be different depending on your personal taste and style. For instance, some may prefer luxury home decor accessories that are more minimalist and muted, while others prefer eye-catching pieces that add a pop of color to their space.

However, all luxury home decor have a few elements in common. Namely, home decor that’s luxury is made from high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship. It should be a timeless piece that complements the existing furnishings and display of style.

Luxury home decor items can span from lavish area rugs down to the smallest details such as a minimalistic floral arrangement. 

7 Essential Luxury Home Decor Accessories

If you want to add more elegance to your space, consider these luxury home accessories. From unique lamps to classic crystal vases, these pieces complement nearly every style and are sure to spark conversation. 

1. Luxurious Lighting

According to the design experts at Decor Matters, accent lamps are an ideal accessory that’s both functional and eye-catching. The right lamp creates ambiance, can highlight architectural details, and be a statement piece all on its own. 

Consider a stunning bird lamp with a wooden base. The clean, white square corner bell-shaped shades draw attention to the strikingly bold color and design of the lamp's porcelain body. It makes the perfect addition to a living room or home office. 

2. Elegant Wall Decor

Artwork is an ideal conversation piece and can breathe life into any space. While art often comes down to personal preference, you can’t go wrong with a classic canvas. 

Our gorgeous blossom print, for instance, is the perfect wall art to complement your entryway or living room. It is bold yet subtle and serene in color and made with high-quality materials including a detail-embossed wooden frame and traditional matting under glass for long-lasting beauty.

3. High-End Faux Fruit

As we said, no decor item is too small to be considered luxurious. A collection of luxury realistic faux fruit elegantly placed in a modern bowl can be the perfect centerpiece for the dining room. 

4. Crystal or Brass Candlesticks

Bowl of luxury faux lemons in displayed in entryway

We can’t overlook the importance of luxury home accessories that create height and dimension around your space. Candlestick holders are classic high-end home decor that you can use alongside your other accessories. 

Whether you choose to display them on a dining room table or mantel, they are a great addition to your home, especially during the holiday season to add ambiance. 

Look for versatile options like these brass ribbed candlesticks that are suitable for both tapered candlesticks and 3-inch diameter candles.

5. Classic Porcelain Accents

There is a reason porcelain has been used both functionally and as stunning decor for centuries. Porcelain vases, bowls, and more can make beautiful, classic accents around your home. House Digest recommends displaying groupings with styles, colors, and shapes close to one another or in small sets of three or more. 

Of course, a large porcelain jar can add an instant sophisticated touch to your home all on its own. 

6. Prestigious Planters and Urns

Have a variety of planters or urns to hold your favorite flowers, branches, or greenery from the garden. These are not your average vases and are designed to complement your personal style. You can find planters that provide a pop of color or a classic stonecast urn that blends in.

These luxury home accessories are an excellent addition to grace the hallway or entryway and welcome guests.

7. Handmade Luxury Floral Arrangements

Last, but certainly not least, are handmade floral arrangements. Any homeowner hoping to add some elegance to their interior should consider investing in a regal faux flower bouquet. There are endless ways to display handmade florals in your space to add a classic touch to nearly any room.

At Winward Home, we offer the finest luxury faux floral arrangements and complementing decor for your home. Our selection of luxury home accessories are always crafted with high-quality materials and timeless design to last for a lifetime. 

Shop Our Luxury Home Decor Accessories Today. 

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