Floral Arranging 101: A Beginner's Guide to Curating Artificial Floral Arrangements For Your Home

A Cafe au Lait floral arrangement using artificial flowers from Winward Home

When you craft artificial floral arrangements for your home, you are engaging with history. Humans have been decorating with the ephemeral beauty of cut flowers since 2,500 BCE. This classical art form had a brilliant resurgence during the Roaring 20s when Art Deco decadence swept the nation.

Today, curating home decor with artificial flowers remains a luxurious and elegant pastime. Over the centuries, floral arrangement has become a delicate marriage of art and science. Today, you can create everlasting arrangements for your home featuring lifelike, luxury-quality artificial flowers.

If you've wondered what goes into an arrangement, begin with this Floral Arranging 101 guide. Our goal is to help beginners understand the ins and outs of creating these balanced, aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Continue reading below to discover the rules professional florists follow when creating the world's most stunning arrangements.

The Essential Rules For Flower Arranging

When you begin building artificial flower arrangements for home decor, it can help to start with the basics. With a blend of instinct, aesthetic sensibility, and mathematics, you can design beautiful arrangements every time.

Know the Six Principles of Floral Design

Florists have identified six crucial principles to keep in mind when creating eye-catching arrangements. These can serve as guiding rules, especially for beginners.

The six principles of floral design are:
  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Dominance
  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Rhythm

Each of these elements adds a dynamic sense of movement and visual interest to an arrangement.

Embrace Repetition

A small mixed floral arrangement using artificial flowers from Winward Home

Many individuals new to floral arrangement find success using repetition. You can create a sense of harmony by crafting arrangements featuring multiples of the same flower. Large arrangements featuring multiples of a single lifelike, evergreen artificial flower look gorgeous. Use a variety of sizes, color variants, and heights to add a sense of rhythm and contrast.

Coordinate With Your Home Decor

You can create a successful floral arrangement for your home by taking note of what's already there. Consider the textures and colors present in your existing wall decor. You can use flowers to bring out subtle undertones in any space.

Luxury artificial flowers make coordination even simpler. There's no need to rely on what's in season or order rare varietals from distant greenhouses. Every flower in every color is always at your fingertips. You can add light and life to any room, even in the darkness of late autumn or deep winter.

Stunning Artificial Flowers For Home Decor

You can improve any artificial floral arrangement in your home by using the highest quality flowers available. Winward Home offers a luxurious and sophisticated selection of the most realistic artificial flowers available. Each handmade artificial flower is delicately crafted to add color and class to your interior. You will enjoy natural beauty year-round when you begin with quality products from our collection.

Put your new knowledge to the test by curating your own breathtaking home arrangement. Discover the stunning quality of everlasting flowers and greenery. Shop our luxury faux floral collection to select the perfect lifelike flowers for your next home decor project.

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