8 Tips for Choosing and Decorating With Luxury Faux Florals

Faux floral arrangement of phalaenopsis in a 22” square glass

What better way to welcome the start of spring than by decorating your home with colorful, luxurious faux floral arrangements. Instead of constantly running to the store to replace your wilted flowers, you can enhance your home with realistic, magnificent artificial flower arrangements that last a lifetime. By just adding a few personal touches to your deluxe faux floral arrangements, you can really bring them to life.

Read on to learn about the best tips for decorating with luxury faux floral arrangements.

1. Decide the Look You Want 

What kind of style do you want to create in your home? You may want a cozy feel in one room and an elegant and classy look in the other. Knowing the look you want to achieve beforehand will help you decide which faux botanicals to choose.

2. Choose a Few Investment Pieces

Having one or two deluxe faux floral arrangements you absolutely love can serve as a staple for your home all year round. It is worth spending a little extra money on a luxury faux botanical that looks realistic and has the same vibrant colors as natural flowers.

 3. Bend the Stems and Leaves

Luxury faux floral arrangements have stems that can be molded to make them look more realistic. Real flowers droop to the side of a vase, so use your hands to bend the faux botanical wires.

4. Go for Natural Touch Faux Florals

When picking out your artificial flower arrangements, go for flowers with a more real-life feel, and try to stay away from faux florals that feel too plastic-y. Aim for natural touch faux flowers for the perfect, captivating arrangement.

5. Mix in a Few Fresh Flowers

If you are creating your faux floral arrangements from scratch, mix in a few real flowers or greenery to make them appear fresher and give them a more realistic look. With this tip, no one will be able to tell which flowers are artificial and which ones are not.

6. Choose Flowers With Thick Stems

Many artificial flowers come on very thin stems whereas real flowers typically have thicker stems. Look for faux flower arrangements with wider stems to show more texture and give a more realistic feel.

7. Use Flowers That Are In Season

An old-school tip when decorating with faux botanicals is to choose flowers that are in season so they look more realistic.

8. Store in Plastic Bags

Fake flowers get dusty over time so it is important to shake them off every once in a while. If you want to keep your faux floral arrangements for another season, store them in large plastic bags so they stay clean and avoid damage. Once you bring your flowers out of storage, fluff them up, and remember to bend the stems.

With these tips, you can take the hassle out of decorating with artificial flower arrangements. With faux botanicals, you will always be guest-ready, and you can place them anywhere in your home without the fear of them drying out.

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