6 Effortless Ways to Spruce Up Your Decor with Faux Greenery

Artificial succulent on glass table in living room

No well-thought-out room is complete without high-quality greenery.

While a stunning floral display may be the centerpiece of your space, faux greenery can help fill your home or outdoor spaces with life and lift the mood of anyone who sees it. Needless to say, the right faux greenery decor can instantly spruce up your spaces year-round.

Join us as we highlight a few ways you can utilize luxury artificial greenery around your home this year.

Add Faux Greenery Decor Around Your Home

Faux greenery is one of the best ways to incorporate your favorite plants into your home decor without worrying about watering or maintenance. You can find an artificial version of your favorite live plants ranging from lush boxwoods and exotic palms to artfully arranged succulents and much more.

Here are just some ways you can incorporate faux greenery into your home decor. 

1. Transform Your Main Living Space

A large faux plant can be a statement piece that can dress up an empty corner in your living room. A large Travelers Palm Potted Tree stands a stunning six feet tall. It makes an eye-catching addition to large spaces and is a great way to fill up vertical space. 

A Kentia Palm in a Stonecast Planter is equally stunning and exotic. However, you also cannot go wrong with the faux version of real plants such as snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, and monsteras. These artificial plants are tall without taking up too much space or blocking other decor.

2. Revive Your Bedroom

Similarly, you may want to include faux potted plants to breathe life into your bedroom. A sleek Paradise Tree adds a touch of elegance to that empty corner of your bedroom. While an artfully arranged bouquet of faux fiddle leaves look sophisticated displayed on a bedside table or dresser. 

An artificial potted plant remains vibrant year-round, no green thumb required.

3. Elevate Your Dining Area

Faux spiral boxwoods

The best faux greenery is incredibly versatile. While you may not consider a faux plant to be a centerpiece of your dining room table, at Winward Home we are proud to offer luxury arrangements that are fit for this setting.

An artfully arranged Succulent Mix makes for a unique centerpiece that spans the length of a dining room table without being in the way. Or, a casually arranged artichoke set in a glass vase with faux water for impressive realism is a great centerpiece to have and is notably elegant. It can be perfectly complemented by candles or other decor that can also serve as a pop of color in your dining area.

4. Add Decor in the Bathroom

Faux greenery decor can also elevate the smallest spaces in your home. A smaller succulent arrangement can be the perfect addition next to a sink. For a larger space, a Sisal  can be eye-catching. The shining potter’s vase is also beautiful in its own right.

The bathroom can be a difficult room to spruce up. Not only must you be strategic about space, but there are practical considerations when it comes to the lighting and humidity. Luckily, faux greenery thrives under any conditions and instantly brightens up small spaces.

5. Spruce Up Your Workspace

It is no secret that having plants in your office can help you be more productive and boost your mood. You can complement some of your real plants with more greenery that is faux to further boost these feelings and liven up your workspace. 

Small faux succulents can be a nice addition to your desk while a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree makes a statement and can look chic and professional in the background of your video calls. 

6. Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Our artificial arrangements are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning you can enhance your porch or patio with faux greenery as well. A Preserved Boxwood Spiral in an elegant Tuscan Urn makes an impressive addition to the front entryway. They are best displayed as a pair to create an unforgettable first impression. A durable deluxe faux boxwood wreath also ensures everlasting beauty year-round perched on your front door.

Additionally, our faux greenery ball models come in preserved boxwood or faux UV-coated options to last outdoors. Even throughout the hot summer months, this faux greenery will never wilt.

At Winward Home, our artificial greeneries are handcrafted to have the same qualities that you can find in nature, like delicately curling leaves with vibrant, hand-painted colors. Browse our complete collection of faux greenery and trees today.

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