5 Top Tips for Transforming Your Space with Faux Boxwood

In the realm of interior and exterior design, there exists a luscious secret, a verdant indulgence that adds an elegant touch to any space: faux boxwood.

With its evergreen allure and timeless beauty, faux boxwood has become the hallmark of luxury decor, transforming a variety of settings both indoors and out into lush, enchanting havens. Simply put, the right greenery fills your space with life and lifts the mood of anyone who sees it.

Today, we invite you to discover the world of luxury artificial boxwood. Learn how to choose the best hand-crafted greenery and unique placements that can transform your space into a haven where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony.

Choosing the Right High-Quality Faux Boxwood

Before beginning your artful arrangement of greenery, it is important to choose the right faux boxwood for your needs. Boxwood is an incredibly versatile evergreen, making it a popular choice for landscapers to add vibrancy to a property year-round. With the right luxury faux boxwood, you can also enjoy these evergreens with a fraction of the maintenance.

At Winward Home, you can find high-quality and luxurious artificial boxwood in planters, vases, and even decorative balls. These models come in eye-catching spiral, cone, and wreath formations. For something larger, you can even find a faux boxwood hedge. The variety in size and shape makes faux boxwoods a dream to incorporate into your indoor and outdoor decor.

Professional Tip: When choosing a faux boxwood for outdoor use, ensure it is UV-coated to help it hold up against the elements and minimize fading.

Faux boxwood in pot used as indoor decor

Creative Ways to Use Faux Boxwood

There are endless possibilities to incorporate faux boxwood into your space. The everlasting greenery can be a stunning display on its own or effortlessly complement vibrant floral arrangements.

Here are a few of the best ways to transform your space with luxury artificial boxwood.

1. Lush Privacy Screens

Metal fences can be an eyesore and temporary privacy screens do not always withstand the weather.

Faux boxwood hedges can transform your backyard or patio into an outdoor oasis. A tall, sturdy hedge can give you the privacy you crave while looking lush year-round. Or, consider this exquisite faux boxwood hedge in a planter that combines the beauty and sturdy nature of the boxwood plant into an everlasting permanent version with little to no maintenance requirements.

2. Evergreen Entryway

Welcome guests with a verdant display year-round. Our luxurious high-quality faux boxwood planter is designed to bring elegance and grandeur to your entryway when used as a stunning pair.

2. Evergreen Entryway

Welcome guests with a verdant display year-round. Our luxurious high-quality faux boxwood planter is designed to bring elegance and grandeur to your entryway when used as a stunning pair.

Add a boxwood wreath to your door to complement your display. Each leaf is crafted with precision to mirror the realism found in natural boxwood to make the perfect first impression on guests.

3. Breathe Life Into Your Living Room

Seeking something more subtle to add to your living spaces? Our boxwood ball topiary in a canister vase adds elegance to your interior space year-round. The tall, geometric display looks chic in a corner of your living room or add a touch of greenery to your bedroom.

The white canister vase complements nearly any decor style. You can also find slim and tall spirals, cones, and more to fit your space and style.

4. Upscale Patio

Our elegant faux boxwood ball in a deluxe decorative urn brings grandeur to any space. We recommend decorating with a pair of these set atop our Classic Stonecast Pedestal to add height for scale and bring the whole look together. These grand displays will instantly elevate your patio space and make you feel transported to an elegant European garden.

5. Boxwood Table Centerpieces

The vibrant leaves of luxury faux boxwoods can be the finishing touch for your table decor. A preserved boxwood ball in a vase can be placed on an entryway table.

Or, you can craft your own unique display with a high-quality faux boxwood ball that fits perfectly in an urn or planter of your choice, crafted meticulously so that it can stay looking fresh for years. This is a blank slate that can look stunning alongside seasonal decor or a centerpiece depending on how it is arranged.

At Winward Home, we believe that high-quality greenery is a must in any well-thought-out room. Incorporate luxury faux boxwood from Winward Home into your spaces today.

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