November 06, 2014

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Welcome to Winward Home, an extraordinary collection of the finest permanent botanical designs specifically created for the home. Our collection features design driven stories that compliment today's trends in color, texture and style. Whether they are our table top arrangements, potted floor arrangements or our iconic arrangements exemplifying the spirit of the design, every piece within Winward Home tells a story for every setting.

Our Creative Director, Matt Wood, Talks About "Getting The Right Look"

Our Creative Director shows you how to "get the right look" by using permanent botanicals that capture the spirit of the fresh flower. From storyboards to choosing containers, each step along the way is just as important in designing the most beautiful floral arrangement piece for the home. Learn what goes on in the mind of a world-class floral designer when developing yet another one of his beautiful creations... Let us know what you think in the comments below!