Artificial Wreaths & Garlands

Artificial Wreaths & Garlands


      Winward Home captured the true spirit and beauty from nature with these timeless wreaths, swags, and garlands.

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      Hand-crafted Beauty

      Settle for nothing but the best.

      A wreath and garland are only as good as their construction. This stunning and diverse collection of faux wreaths and garlands was carefully hand-made with the finest quality components. Like all of the faux floral arrangements we offer, you can expect the very best.

      Our luxurious artificial garlands and faux wreaths for the front door, mantle, tabletop, staircase, or entryway are constructed of fine, intricate materials. And unlike competing products, our deluxe faux florals are likely to fool the eye.

      Gift your guests a touch of elegance with their very first knock on your door. Adorn your home with our artificial garlands and artificial wreaths and instantly elevate your decor.

      Diverse, Luxurious Looks

      Beautiful artificial wreaths come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

      At Winward Home, we specialize in high-end faux floral arrangements that are as diverse as the natural world that inspires them, which extends to our collection of faux wreaths and garland. Magnolia, eucalyptus, olive branch, cedar, and hydrangea make up just a few of our unique garland and wreath designs.

      Our luxury wreaths are designed to match nearly any home aesthetic. And the same goes for our luxury garland, which is designed to complement the wreaths.

      Consider seasonal luxury garland with our Christmas wreaths. Or layer in a timeless look with an arrangement that will look perfect all year long. There is surely a perfect faux garland and wreath for every doorway.

      Ever-lasting Elegance

      Kiss your high maintenance decor goodbye.

      Unlike traditional wreaths, our hand-made artificial wreaths for your front door or interior design will never wilt or fade. This means you can adorn your entryway with a luxurious touch of beauty again and again each year.

      Select the perfect wreath and garland to give your home a signature look. Or choose a few looks and keep things fresh as you swap them out throughout the year. Whatever your selection, choose wreaths and garlands that offer passive beauty.

      Stunning Curb Appeal

      These front door garlands and wreaths make for a fabulous first impression and will amaze anyone you welcome into your home. What better way to welcome your guests than with warmth, beauty, and style? Adorn your mantle, tabletop, staircase, or entryway with these luxury wreaths and garland options.

      What Our Customers Are Saying...


      Gorgeous arrangement! This arrangement is so beautiful and looks so real. If you did not know it was faux you would definitely think it was real. I am so glad I purchased it is worth the money.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Absolutely stunning! Beautiful. Looks so real!

      Massapequa, NY

      Highest quality artificial flowers I've ever seen. Exceeded expectations. Well done! I will be buying more soon.

      Atherton, CA

      So gorgeous I bought 4. When I opened the box, I was pleased that it was exactly like the picture on the website. This color completes my outdoor space. Makes it feel like a family room. Perfection. Wish there were more items in this color.

      Englewood, CO

      Overall very beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. Very vibrant and great quality.

      Doylestown, PA

      GORGEOUS!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! The flowers are life-life, elegant and classic. Exquisite!

      Towson, MD

      My botanist who cares for our plants when my husband and I are traveling almost watered your calla lilies!

      San Francisco, CA

      Realism inspired by nature

      One Hour One Flower

      Painting, curling, and assembling by hand by our skilled artisans to create the finest quality permanent botanicals.