Outdoor Patio Collection: Luxury Artificial Outdoor Plants

Outdoor Patio Collection: Luxury Artificial Outdoor Plants


      A mix of life and stillness. Lifelike organics and crafted stone. The aesthetic of nature, crafted and curated to be exactly what you want it to be and nothing more.

      Green foliage will add a verdant touch to sun-dappled doorways. Colorful flowers can bestow a touch of eye-catching beauty to covered outdoor dining spaces. Vibrant outdoor potted plants in every kind of style, from faux boxwood to crafted aloe.

      No matter what quality you wish for your outdoor living space, we can assist. Our faux outdoor greenery collection can help you achieve it.

      Discover our collection of faux outdoor plants in timeless yet chic designs. With ever-lasting yet luxurious construction, they are sure to transform your patio, garden, or shaded deck.

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      $ 720.00
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      Upscale Tuscan stonecast urn planter in light grey
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      Aesthetics for Every Identity

      Your home is unique. Our artificial outdoor plants are designed to match. Whether your outdoor space is classic or contemporary, our outdoor patio plants can enhance their essence.

      Consider a luxury outdoor plant in a traditional urn for an attempt at stately charm. Or place your greenery in minimalist concrete to achieve clean lines and beautiful subtlety. There are myriad options for those looking to give their outdoor area strong statements thanks to our faux outdoor plants.

      Resilient Vessels

      Behold the strength and beauty of poured and sculpted concrete fused with the ease and versatility of lightweight stone look. Our faux outdoor greenery planters are constructed for strength yet simple to relocate.

      More Artificial Greenery to Love

      Our collection doesn’t stop at our faux outdoor planters. Discover a wide range of luxury faux florals from Winward Home, including floral arrangements, trees and greenery, and wreaths and garlands. Each is a masterpiece unto itself that can transform the space in which it is placed.

      Placement Considerations

      Our vibrant faux outdoor plants mean you can enjoy year-long luxury no matter where you live. But please keep in mind that color may begin to fade over time if placed under direct sunlight.

      The exception is our Indoor/Outdoor UV-coated faux boxwood plants, which have been treated with a protective layer. Whether out in direct sunlight or indoors, this series will not fade or wilt.

      For longevity of the product, we recommend the majority of our faux outdoor plants for use largely under sheltered patios or in shaded outdoor spaces.

      What Our Customers Are Saying...


      Gorgeous arrangement! This arrangement is so beautiful and looks so real. If you did not know it was faux you would definitely think it was real. I am so glad I purchased it is worth the money.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Absolutely stunning! Beautiful. Looks so real!

      Massapequa, NY

      Highest quality artificial flowers I've ever seen. Exceeded expectations. Well done! I will be buying more soon.

      Atherton, CA

      So gorgeous I bought 4. When I opened the box, I was pleased that it was exactly like the picture on the website. This color completes my outdoor space. Makes it feel like a family room. Perfection. Wish there were more items in this color.

      Englewood, CO

      Overall very beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. Very vibrant and great quality.

      Doylestown, PA

      GORGEOUS!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! The flowers are life-life, elegant and classic. Exquisite!

      Towson, MD

      My botanist who cares for our plants when my husband and I are traveling almost watered your calla lilies!

      San Francisco, CA
      Image of bright pink flowers

      Realism inspired by nature

      One Hour One Flower

      Painting, curling, and assembling by hand by our skilled artisans to create the finest quality permanent botanicals.