Highland Park Collection: Blue and White Decor

Highland Park Collection: Blue and White Decor

      The Chinoiserie style has been cultivated from years of trade and cultural exchange between the east and west. Chinoiserie has been admired as much for its historical significance as it has been for its sheer beauty in design. Step into our HIGHLAND PARK collection and enjoy the designs and trends of today with the influences and details of the cultural past, while bringing together the newest pieces to achieve this refined and high fashion taste in todays’ interiors.
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      Mixed Tulips in Cut Vase 27 inches
      Mixed Tulips in Cut Vase 27-inches tall
      $ 680.00
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      Mixed Spring time Tulips in a Vase 27 inches
      Mixed Tulips in a Vase 27 inches tall
      $ 720.00
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      Mixed Anemone in Vase 12-inches tall
      Anemone Mix in Vase 12-inches tall
      $ 530.00
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      Mixed Spring time Tulips in a Vase 25 inches
      Mixed Tulips in Rectangle Vase 25-inches wide
      $ 580.00
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      Gladiolus in Oval Planter 28-inches tall
      Gladiolus in Oval Planter 28-inches tall
      $ 1,450.00
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      beautiful high-end blue and white porcelain planter
      $ 250.00
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      Classic Ceramic Lamp
      $ 650.00
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      Classic Ceramic Jar
      $ 500.00
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      oversized deluxe large blue and white decorative jar for large homes and mansions
      Blue and White Jar 41"
      $ 860.00
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      realistic high-quality faux orchids in porcelain planter
      Orchid in Blossom Planter 22"
      $ 480.00
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      most beautiful faux orchids in a blue and white porcelain planter
      Orchid in Longlife Bowl 19"
      $ 650.00
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      contemporary faux orchids arrangement in a classic blue and white porcelain bowl
      Orchid in Longlife Bowl 21"
      $ 520.00
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      luxury faux orchid cymbidium potted
      Cymbidium Orchid in Oval Pot 27"
      $ 400.00

      What Our Customers Are Saying...


      Gorgeous arrangement! This arrangement is so beautiful and looks so real. If you did not know it was faux you would definitely think it was real. I am so glad I purchased it is worth the money.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Absolutely stunning! Beautiful. Looks so real!

      Massapequa, NY

      Highest quality artificial flowers I've ever seen. Exceeded expectations. Well done! I will be buying more soon.

      Atherton, CA

      So gorgeous I bought 4. When I opened the box, I was pleased that it was exactly like the picture on the website. This color completes my outdoor space. Makes it feel like a family room. Perfection. Wish there were more items in this color.

      Englewood, CO

      Overall very beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. Very vibrant and great quality.

      Doylestown, PA

      GORGEOUS!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! The flowers are life-life, elegant and classic. Exquisite!

      Towson, MD

      My botanist who cares for our plants when my husband and I are traveling almost watered your calla lilies!

      San Francisco, CA
      Image of bright pink flowers

      Realism inspired by nature

      One Hour One Flower

      Painting, curling, and assembling by hand by our skilled artisans to create the finest quality permanent botanicals.