Terms & Conditions (Wholesale Trade Program)


Winward Home provides realistic permanent botanical arrangements for interior spaces in residential and commercial settings.  In addition, we offer spectacular iconic designs that provide the perfect visual display for storefronts, window displays, and large commercial, residential and public spaces.  Winward Home’s iconic designs complete our stunning permanent botanical arrangement collection and help to drive sales for the entire program.


Drop Shipping

Winward Home’s drop-ship program is superior to the traditional form of business, offering a solution to the problems of upfront inventory investment, handling and shipping costs.  Instead of dedicating dollars to inventory, you can focus on better selections to complement the furniture and styles on your floor.  Upon sale, Winward Home will ship the product directly to your store, or to the customer’s address, and invoice your accounts payable department.


Prices – Freight

All prices are Winward Home’s market suggested retail price.  Because our product is sold exclusively to the trade, you receive a special trade discount off of the market suggested retail price which includes freight charges anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.   We will happily drop ship orders directly to your residential or commercial customers.  However, each residential delivery requires a flat $25 additional charge per item.


Payment Terms

Terms are Net 30 days (subject to approved credit and trade references) for furniture stores only, and credit card to other trade professionals.



Orders can be placed online through our password-protected website, www.winwardhome.com.  Written orders can be faxed to 510-886-6888 or emailed to orders@winwardhome.com.  Orders are subject to review and acceptance by Winward Home and will be confirmed with email confirmation.


Order Lead Time

Winward Home turn-around time on initial orders is 7 days.  Any product that cannot be fulfilled within this time frame will be back ordered.


Back Orders

Back orders will be kept on file for 90 days and will be shipped as soon as possible.  Winward Home will notify you of estimated time of delivery for all back ordered items with the order confirmation.


Minimum Order and Re-order Requirement

Winward does not require a minimum re-order as we will ship single arrangements to our customer’s store or showroom, or drop-ship to a specified address to the consumer as directed by our customers.



In order to maintain the integrity of the arrangement, Winward Home will only make necessary substitutions with stems of equivalent quality.


Custom Product

Sorry, but our tightly-controlled available inventory and manufacturing procedures do not allow us to accommodate requests for custom arrangements.



All cancellation requests must be received in writing.  Due to our quick turn-around, cancellations for all drop-ship orders must be made within 24 hours of ordering.  Cancellations for any pre-book orders must be made prior to Winward Home’s confirmation of your order.  



Returns will not be accepted on orders placed through our wholesale program. Should you have any inquiries regarding your purchase, please contact customer service at 1-844-565-7580.


Web Presence

Our online commerce-capable website is for the exclusive use of our customers.  Our website allows you to order product as well as access to additional products within our line that may not be available on your showroom floor. 


Measurements and Weights

Measurements and weights shown on our web site are approximate, but every effort is made to be as accurate as possible. 


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