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To request for a Drop-Ship Program Brochure, please contact us.

Winward Home introduces an innovative drop-ship fulfillment model, which minimizes the investment of your inventory costs, lead-time and warehouse handling costs. After your initial qualifying purchase of showroom samples, Winward Home will ship all orders directly to your store or your customer’s residence, and will invoice you. There is no minimum re-order quantity. You don’t need to carry any inventory so your cash is not tied up. Absolutely no handling will be required on your part. No more guessing or betting which items will sell better than others (you only re-order what is sold). No more marking down and sacrificing your margins to get rid of slow moving items. Winward Home is committed to providing a clean business model, which will minimize your inventory burden as well as your risk factor.

How can I place an Order?

Orders can be placed online through our password-protected website. Register online at www.winwardhome.com to get your personalized username and password.  Written orders can be faxed to 510-886-6888 or emailed to orders@winwardhome.com. Orders are subject to review and acceptance by Winward Home and will be confirmed via email.


What is my order Lead Time?



Winward Home turn-around time on the initial sample order is 7 days, and orders for more than 15 multiple locations will take longer for the initial sample order. All re-orders normally ship within 72 hours. Any product that cannot be fulfilled within this timeframe will be back ordered.

How long will you keep Back Orders?

Back orders will be kept on file for 30 days and will be shipped as soon as possible. Winward Home will notify you of estimated time of delivery or cancellation for back ordered items.

Will there be component Substitutions in my arrangements?

In order to maintain the integrity of the arrangement, Winward Home will only make necessary substitutions with stems of equivalent quality.

Can I create Custom Designs?

Sorry, but our tightly-controlled available inventory and manufacturing procedures do not allow us to accommodate requests for custom arrangements.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Due to our quick turn-around, cancellations for all drop-ship orders must be made in writing within 24 hours of ordering. Cancellations for your initial sample orders must be made prior to Winward Home’s confirmation of your order.

What is your Returns Policy?

Returns must be made within 10 days of receipt. Merchandise must be returned in its original packaging with a Return Authorization # provided by Winward Home. Customer Service must be contacted prior to return for a Return Authorization #. Returns made without prior approval will not be accepted.


Winward Home stands behind the quality of our products, so if you receive a damaged or defective item, Winward Home will replace the damaged or defective item with a new one, and we’ll cover the return & replacement freight. But if the reason for the return is not due to a quality issue, then you are responsible for the return freight.

Your Icon Arrangements are beautiful, but what can I do with this?

You are right! These are very beautiful and these “statement pieces” could represent a tremendous amount of potential new business which no one has ever offered on the market in the past. People in need of these types of arrangements are owners of large homes and mansions, membership clubs, office building lobbies, hotels, restaurants, model homes, casinos etc. It will certainly draw attention at the front entrance of your stores, and make a beautiful and unique statement.

Will the public have access to your Website?

No! Our online commerce-capable website is for the exclusive use of our qualified customers, and is not made available to the general public. Our website allows you to order product as well as access to additional products within our line that may not be available to the general public.


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